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deviantART contests

Hey!  I just wanted to stop by and notify the fans of Bleach that there are a lot of contests going on over at deviantART.  The groups that hold them don't really have too many entries and I thought that some people may be interested? A lot of these contests will center on Halloween!


First up, we have a Halloween Contest for Orihime
>Take note: Only fanart! she must be in a Halloween costume, it can be a couple thing, but Orihime must be the main focus.
>Link: More Information here

Next, this is for all the Yoruichi and Urahara fans,
>Take note: Cosplay or tradition Halloween costumes.
>Link: More Info

Now for IchiRuki,
>Take note: Ichi and ruki are trying to scare each other!  Can have comics, no more than 5 pages.  Can have fanfiction! 
>Link: More Info

Here's a wild one: GrimmRuki,
>Take note: Halloween-related. 
>Link: More Info

Like Hichigo and Dark!Rukia?
>Take note: Alternate Universe!  Draw the two characters in a movie/anime/manga/book setting~
>Link: More Info

Another IchiRuki,
>Take Note: Crossover with the anime Fairy Tail
>Link: More Info

IchiRuki and Friends group,
>Take note: They need members for this contest!  At least ten people to join.  Icon contest then will follow
>Link: More Info

Both Naruto and Bleach!
>Take note: Anything Bleach or Naruto, Halloween theme.
>Link: More Info

Hate Aizen enough?
>Take note: Icon contest!  they need a group avatar.
>Link: More Info

>Take note: can have Fanfiction and Fanart!  Must be of the pairing only.
>Link: More Info

There a UlquiHime contest too!
>Take note: Theme is "Wonderland", as in Alice in Wonderland!
>Link: More Info

Most of these contests are due by the end of October or early November.
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