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Gin's Volume Poem (47)

*is stocking up on tissues*

hey, while we wait for the scan, wanna talk about Gin's volume poem? We have some translations.

from here at BA:


translation by pokerlulz:

You're going to turn into a snake tomorrow
Although you say you are going to start eating others
Even now, that mouth of yours which has devoured people
Still claims that it loves me
Can I remain like today
and still say I love you?

and this one from here by Terrazaru

You are becoming a snake tomorrow.
And as you start to devour people,
With that mouth that has eaten others,
You cry your love to me.
And the same as today, I do wonder.
Will I be able to say my love to you?

If you're going to mention current chapter spoilers in your comments, warn for SPOILER I guess.

I still don't really understand the current spoiler. I must be in total denial but the latest translation makes it sound like Gin's taken off, not that he's really dead. In any event, I'm all WAAAH because Sensei is like pushing all the angst buttons. He is a cruel cruel beautifully cruel man. The GinRan is KILLING me. Geez. I'm so killed. I'm not sure I can read this chapter--just Ohana's descriptions of the IchiRuki had me going sniffly and then of course the translations for this poem have to come out.

Can't there be a happy romantic end for once in Bleach? I know the Isshin backstory is coming up and I hope that will have laughs and good times but we all know how that ends, right. *chokes up*

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