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Bleach 422 is Out

Bleach 422 is out at Mangastream.

Usual Drill: No tweeting to Kubo about this chapter, or using art from this chapter in tweets to him, until Monday.

Mayuri's Mayuri, of course.

Hiyoriiiii. You'll be okay (probably) <333333333 (Risaaaa!) It's sweet that Unohana thinks of the Vizard as her "allies"/"nakama." Also sweet that Unohana knew Shinji understood Hiyori the most, and Shinji coming up with what Hiyori would say XD XD

Kenpachi and Byakuya are so blase, lol. Covered in blood but still so chill, despite their injuries. Yachiru! <333 And Kenpachi saying the fight was boring. XD

Puppycar! Seriously, don't eat Yammy. ;_;

I really like the panel of Ichigo looking at the sky.

Urahara looks so tired and serious. And also like Ichigo's secret dad.

The kids went home first since they had no idea how to approach Ichigo to talk? :/ Giving him space, I guess. Ichigo's smile ;_; ;_; His relief at not having to hide being a shinigami - or a former shinigami - anymore.

Seriously, the 46 will decide what to do with Aizen? Sorry if I have low expectations regarding that.

Urahara and Ichigo talk. Ah, so much angst and sadness. *hugs Ichigo tightly* Urahara feels really bad for Ichigo, huh. Is Ichigo saying that Aizen wanted someone to reach his amazing level, and when Ichigo finally did, Aizen was like, "Okay, now eff that, I want to be a shinigami again"? So then Aizen wished himself to be parted from the hougyoku, rather than rejected? Hmm, khyata said: "I thought Ichigo was saying that since Aizen was lonely at his amazing level and had no one to relate to, he might have actually wanted to be an ordinary shinigami." That makes more sense.

THE NAKAMA ARE BACK, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!1!! *clings to them* Okay, so they're all bandaged, Rukia's half-naked, and Ishida's hand is bandaged, too, for some reason, but THEY'RE FINALLY REALLY BACK, OMG. YAAAAAAAAAAY1!1!

And Rukia is, of course, in the center of them. I know some people are trying to dismiss Rukia's placement in the center as meaningless, but all you need are eyes to see that she's made the focal point of that panel XD

Ichigo's so happy to see all of them! <3333333333333333333 And he worries about them, and Rukia says to him, "That's my line" (the correct translation, and it matches up with how Spacecat at BA translated Rukia's words), which is a parallel to what Ichigo thought to Rukia at the end of Soul Society arc? XD

... And then Rukia gets interrupted by Orihime's crying and that face. ... ... Well, what Ichigo says is "Geez, what a face you're making, Inoue!" I think that sums up what everyone is thinking. Orihime's face is really childish-looking - others have said that Orihime looks like a little kid crying to her dad or brother in tears of relief that he's okay. Meanwhile, Rukia looks on smiling but exasperated (the puff of air she lets out), and Ichigo is also exasperated (his words, the look on his face, the little spit/sweat next to him). Ichigo and Rukia look like mature adults saying, "Oh, kid..." to Orihime. Why Orihime is making such a face is anyone's guess. Or why she's commenting rather inanely on Ichigo's hair. Perhaps she's so thankfully relieved he's not dead that she starts crying nervous, silly tears.

Then Ichigo collapses!!1!1 Everyone is shocked!11! Ichigo screams, apparently in pain, as everyone rushes to his side. What's wrong, Ichigo? ;_; ;_; Well, I personally think it's unlikely to be Ichigo's hollow coming out. Tensa Zangetsu and Shiro were merged when they said goodbye; plus, Shiro is a part of the same power as Zangetsu, just a different aspect of that power. I don't think just the 'shinigami part' of Ichigo's whole power can disappear while the hollow portion remains intact. But who knows. Other theories are his last bit of shinigami power is disappearing, or the reiatsu is starting to crush him.
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