Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X (skilly_n_duff) wrote in bleachness,
Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X

Ulquiorra: A Learning Process

Ulquiorra is now lit and beautiful.  I swear from now on I'll have the patience not to post the crappo-rough stuff and only spam bleachness with my final pieces!  The Renji and Tatsuki picture will (hopefully) be done a week from Saturday.

A wonderful, wonderful classmate showed me how to punch a hollow hole all the way through the model!

He's so shiny!

Playing with shadow, he looks glum.

Ulquiorra STILL sees whut u did thar.

Random Off Topic Note: I know some of  you have asked for me to update my progress in my animation major, so here goes.  In the three weeks I've been going to school, I've already spent 2 complete nights in the lab, one of which was only last night.  The first overnighter I stayed awake the whole time.  Last night, I curled up in a ball under my desk, slept for five hours, then got back up and kept going.  One teacher has said, "There's nothing you can learn from me."  Another, "I find myself enthused by your passion!"  A third, "...and I know [Skilly] wants it because she's been pretty forceful."

ETA: Tried uploading the pictures from somewhere else.  The lighting is kindof dark, so you may need to adjust your screen.
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