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Bleach 421 is out

Bleach 421 is out at Mangastream.

As always: Don't go tweeting to Kubo about this chapter until Monday, and if you want to tweet him 'bout something else, then don't use art from this chapter in your icon.

The color spread is pretty but... but... Ichigooooooo. ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; Waaaaaah. Ichigooooo. T_T T_T T_T *cries for him*

"Farewell, Ichigo" <-- The ;_; began at that point. (Oh, and Zangetsu has blue eyes behind the shades.)

Ichigo's faces during this chapter. ;_; ;_; Someone needs to give him a hug. Someone other than Aizen, anyway.

Aizen's frothing at the mouth, even at the end of the line. 'I'm a winner, you're a loser, blah blah, let me say more things that are totally wrong and that I made up.' Okay. At least he loses some of his freaky features and goes back to relatively normal-looking.

Uraharaaaaaa. So he outplayed Aizen this round. Not that it was hard, what with Aizen becoming unhinged, both due to his super annoying arrogance and his eroding humanity/sanity/intelligence due to the hougyoku. But as others said in the spoiler thread, sealing a villain is never a good thing - they tend to become unsealed at a future point.

Apparently Urahara did know much more about the hougyoku than he let on, if he was able to predict that the hougyoku would no longer think of Aizen as his master once Aizen weakened. It's okay, hobaby, go back to mama Rukia. But it looks like the hougyoku is being sealed WITH Aizen? I wonder how that'll work out. (My Feeling: Not well.)

So the Spirit King keeps the spirit world together? Hmmmmm. Guess we'll learn more about that in the next arc. Aizen: 'Graaah, why do you listen to that "thing"!' <-- Why the venom, Aizen?

Ichigo looks away at the end as Aizen's being sealed. I wonder if it was because Aizen's rantings became too embarrassing or difficult to handle, coupled with Ichigo's exhaustion; or if Aizen's words that winners think not of how the world is, but how it should be, reminded Ichigo that he's lost his shinigami powers. We saw in the prequel chapters that Ichigo longed for the power to crush destiny; now he no longer possesses that power. Ichigo... ;_;
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