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286, Ichigo touches two, fanarts, let's review.....

Grimmjow, you're... I don't what else to say but you're an awesome puddy-cat. XD

I could've cried when you died, but ..... hey, a scythe is a classy way to go. And besides, everyone knows you're not dead.

Since when has a little thing like being dissected by a scythe stopped a character from coming back in Bleach? Oh Grimmy , I wuvs you now. Very tortured intense panels there. And then getting sliced by Noitra! Ha!

But here's a little levity in this chapter! Orihime wonders if she's too heavy when Ichigo picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. It's a fairly hilarious moment. Especially considering that a moment before, Ichigo's catches the puddy-cat by the hand and that moment of physical contact is so much more charged and dramatic.

So much for the shoujo moment that I admit I was dreading. I wonder if Kubo is ever going to give us another one (237 has the last shoujo moment by my accounts).

EDIT: jojo scan is out and bwaaaaaaaahahahaha, Nell tackles Ichigo in the groin. It's the funniest thing in so long (so now we know that Ichigo couldn't possible be "feeling" anything when he hoisted Hime over his shoulder!) Ichigo gives Nell a very loving look but I still insist that his most intense looks in this chapter are given to Grimmy.

And no Jump next week. I'm not disappointed with the direction the manga is going--it's just that it's going so slow. That last battle was soooo loooong. Kubo could be cruel and give us another battle, but c'mon, he just can't. Anyone can interrupt the fight at this moment--Ulqui, Halibel, Mecha!Chad or... dun dun dun... SHIROSAKI????!!!

*throws up hands* How can people say Bleach is boring lately? The artwork--one word. Stunning. The color spread is to die for, and everyone looks great (and Renji is shirtless!)

I want to hereby officially encourage people to post links to fics they've enjoyed. I've read a few recently I'll share too--but I don't want to go first.

And someone kick me to do the Shinji Appreciation post. Maybe when the lad shows up in Hueco Mundo, I'll finally be forced to do it.

Oh, and fanart. He Needs Him (IchiIshi) and She Needs Him (IshiHime). Why yes, I may indeed be bipolar. Haven't been diagnosed yet so let's just say I'm not. ^^
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