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Sketch Dump and More!

Hey all, I have a few lame sketches to dump and some informal polling/ideas about a few of them.  So please, if you have the time, I'd be grateful for your help! <3<3<3

So first off I'll start with a couple sketches of our favorite ladies, Rukia and Orihime!

Rukia is in a Greco-Roman inspired dress, just because I like dressing her up pretty.  Was thinking of doing an Ichigo drawing to match (because I am a shameless IchiRuki shipper if you didn't know), but then I'm not sure what to make him wear.  Armor, regular clothes, royal clothes?  If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.  Also, I have no idea what color to use for her dress, so ideas on that would be appreciated as well.

Now we have Fairy Princess Orihime!  I think I started this last year around Halloween and was going to do Ulquiorra too, but I don't remember.  I just like how happy she looks with her wand and winged anklets!  :D  Also colors for this would be great, but I was thinking if all else fails go with the blue of her hair clips, it seems to be her standby color or stuff.  Also I know about the mistake with the wings, I'm not sure if I care to fix it... XD

Grown up Hitsugaya!  Why?  I don't know, I just doodled him one day.  And yeah I ditched his mullet-ish long back part that hangs over his neck.  I don't remember why I did that specifically, but I'm betting it's because he looks better without it in my opinion.  XD

Now we have the first of two unfinished works, and it's Renji!  He's getting out of bed with someone, but who is the mystery woman I haven't drawn yet?  Honestly I don't know.  XD  I was thinking of a few different characters, so I ask you, bleachness--who should it be (if I should even finish this mess, hahaha).  Cast your votes now!  Hehehe :]

Last we have a drawing I started back in May.  If you're unsure, from left to right it's R2 Ulquiorra, Orihime, and Ishida.  I hadn't gotten very far on this when one of my FAVORITE Bleach artists, Rusky-Boz, posted the following gorgeous artwork on DA.

Ulqui x Hime x Murcielago
by *Rusky-Boz on deviantART

My dilemma is, I feel like a copycat now if I finish my sketch.  :/  It looks too similar with Orihime's face and I don't want to copy anyone.  Admittedly I was thinking of past to present in Orihime's life, with (in my head canon only, of course) her feelings for Ulquiorra and his subsequent demise leading to her realizing her own feelings for Ishida.  Yes I am a romantic sap when it comes to Bleach. XP  

Anyway, are these different enough to bother finishing?  :x  I don't know, it's bothered me for a few months now as this sketch sits unfinished in my sketchbook.  

Anyway, thanks for making it to the bottom of this image dump, and I'm ALWAYS open to constructive criticism on my mistakes  (yes I know I gotta fix Orihime's wings; I didn't noticed until I scanned it and was like "oh self, what have you done?" ).
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