aliale (aliale) wrote in bleachness,

Rukia art - Simple Elegance

"It was in the line of her neck, and the way wisps of black teased along porcelain skin. Dainty hands held her hair up, the rich fabric of the kimono flowing down raised arms. His eyes trailed over slender shoulder and admired how she held herself.

Regal and proud, and he’d never tell she was born a street-rat.

She wore pink and it caused his brows to furrow; it never was her color, pale like the forever blooming sakura trees and a hue away from the white saved for Death.

It was the color of her Brother, and for him, she should never wear anyone’s hues … except his."

So, the big question is - who is the one watching our all time favorite shorty? :)

slightly bigger version at:
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