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More predictions, more nostalgia.

I was thinking that I might start a fic reviewing friday or something like that. It's getting so that the fandom offerings are too many and various for people to find the good stuff or exactly what it is they want. I can't read everything myself (I'm behind even on fics I really like), but I'd like to help people find what they need (most expressed a lack of fic in their interests in my last poll). So, howsabout people here becoming rec'cers?

Poll #1031191 Fic Reviewing Friday or something like that.

Do you think you're a fair judge of fanfic. If so, why?

If asked to review and rec on this comm, would you?


My cat Momo who looks like the kitty in Kiki's Delivery Service is rubbing herself against the monitor and looking at me with those giant accusatory eyes.

My fandom projects are being grievously ignored while I look over the predictions and make my brain play around what some of you say. Manga is such an addictive media just because of this "let's predict" factor. I've never watched soaps, but I hear they operate the same way. (I've never heard of soap opera ship battles but I'm sure they exist). Based on responses, I was reminded of two other things I "felt in my bones about."

1. Based on
jaina saying that Ukitake will be the new commander in chief, I've remember that I've always believed that Ukitake, g-d love the man, is going to die. He coughs so much. We'll see what lovely thing happens when Shinigami die. Spiritrons sparkling into Heaven, I hope. Yamaji--well, he sure does have to die; the old guys always do. Thing is, I can't see Shunsui as the general of anything so I don't know who will be in command.

2 My favorite prognostication is
brightredglow's in which she suggests that Ichigo sit on the sidelines and munch some popcorn while HIS NAKAMA, who Kubo has shown us Ichigo doesn't trust enough, do some work. Thing is, I can see Ichigo on the sidelines--he won't be anywhere else after Shirosaki shows up. Probably not eating popcorn and trying to overthrow his demonic self again, but it will give the other characters time to shine after that extended Ichigo/GJ battle.


wrote: ... this is KT. If you (editorial 'you') make predictions? You're going to look back in, heck, even a few months and go "How could I have been so WRONG KT YOU ARE SUCH A SNEAKY LITTLE BASTARD". I swear that one of these days Kubo will be shot by a raving fangirl for all his teasing. I've been wrong on lots of little things and odd shots, but the big things, as in every shounen are pretty predictable. I was hoping against hope that Orihime would not be kidnapped (no repeat of the rescue arc!) but since Kubo had planted that one fairly strongly with Aizen's watching the girl on tape, it was just something that had to happen. Now, after that panel of Aizen looking smug in his corner, we just know he's going to mess with Hime's plans to destroy the hougyoku. *slaps his hand* BAD AIZEN.

wrote: Goodyhime. Others are viewing her pitiful descent as signs that she’s going evil, but I’m thinking that he’s trying to surprise people when she gets to the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll just have to wait to see if we’re right about her not going evil.

If Aizen does indeed screw with her plans to destroy the hougyoku then Hime's hitting rock bottom would be this terrible disappointment in herself. I can't see her rock-bottom as switching sides and becoming Ulqui's Bride of Darkness--that would require that Kubo brainwash her or put her out of herself for a while and that just not a good thing to do with a character you mean to develop.

5. And one more--since Grimmy puddy cat's backstory was so touching, wanna bet that Ulqui's will be horrifying? Something to make us sympathize with the Hollow, no doubt, but I just have this feeling we're going to get whapped in the face with his inhumanity as a Hollow before Hime sets him right.

Since next week there will be no Jump, will this week's be a double issue?
I can't wait to see what evil cliffhanger Kubo will leave us with. The man is cruel, cruel, cruel.

I read somewhere this morning that it's believed that Kubo likes stirring up ships. I wouldn't be surprised. Apparently people are getting waaay sick of the ship junk in this fandom, but I'm at a coasting point about it. There some some LJ drama not long ago with a troll claiming to be an IchiRuki and going around getting herself banned from comms, but if that's as bad as it gets, let it. I'm just going to keep doing what I do. Writing and posting and drawing and fangirling with LOUD SQUEALY SQUEALS.

Oh gosh I'm so new to fandom but so old to Bleach. This morning I was strolling about art again and reading responses by new watchers of the anime who write "Ishida is hot." "Why can't I date him?" and so forth. I was seized with this deep irrational possessiveness: HEY I ROBBED THAT CRADLE FIRST. XD
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