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Fanart: IshiHime

I'm in an IshiHime mooood.

Great ship essay at ship_manifesto  about ULQUI HEARTS HIME.
I don't ship these two but I do love to see them interact and this essay makes some good pts.

Some of us didn't get to go to Fanime:
Too cuuute: Ishida Uryuu versus Ulquiorra Shiffer (thank you asmaria --this will be waay sexy when it happens in the manga).

Wrong comm but this was too funny and I'm in a ditzy mood tonight. Ouran Host Club Want to Take You to a Gay Bar skit

to do, to do....

1. Finish Ryuuken wife story (almost done, keep putting it off to nap or draw)
2. Reclining Tousen with just a towel on his privates for 'no_utopia's birthday.
3. A/U IchiIshi with no corpses
4. Sequel to the Dinner Party, no sex in the bathroom this time but other bizarre happenings
5.Tatsuki and Orihime face off college bitches in a sequel to "I Don't Like Girls" for ileenka
6. IshiHime wedding pic, prom pic and cutesy pootsy sugar kiss drawings
7. A continuation focused on Renji and Rukia pre-manga in the Rokungai days.
Tags: fanart, to do list aug 2007
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