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Bleach 419 is out

Bleach #419 is out at Mangastream.

Remember NOT to Tweet to Kubo about this chapter, or using art from this chapter, until Monday.

Ichigo talking back to Aizen, mocking him so matter-of-factly, and Aizen getting outraged, still amuses me. <3333

... Ew, Aizen. Gross. >_>;; Yes, yes, he's becoming more of a monster with each new form, but yuck. His face is more like a hollow mask, he has even more holes in him, and his medusa-like appendages remind me of hollow chains (like when Ichigo was trying to regain his shinigami powers under the Urahara Shoten).

Aizen believes that the Hougyoku won't 'allow' him to lose. But how much is that the Hougyoku's will and how much of it is just the Hougyoku fulfilling Aizen's wishes?

Shot of the Karakura kids and Kanonji, then Tatsuki worrying about Ichigo.

On one hand, Ichigo gets totally blasted on the left side, and on the second, he's now shirtless once again. ... ... Well, considering he is completely unfazed by both Aizen's gross new form and by being burned, I'm going to celebrate the second option. \o/ (Really, Ichigo continues to look smoking hot.)

Blah blah blah, Aizen talking more smack, 'I'm so great, you suck so much, I'm the best, you're nothing,' then Ichigo telling him to STFU and easily getting out of Aizen's grasp. Love this panel, though it's a bit scary, too, given Ichigo's continuing unflappable, stoic attitude.

Yay, probably at least part of Ichigo's new Getsuga Tenshou next week! (Yes, Kubo is moving at incredible roadrunner speeds compared to most of HM arc, but...)
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