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Sensei Approves of Anime Filler Scene!

Stop the presses! Now I've seen it all! I couldn't believe my eyes when the tweet passed before them a few minutes ago but Kubo-sensei watched last week's anime filler scene where Rukia ran past her brother Byakuya and had a moment with Ichigo before he entered the dangai with Captain Unohana, and ...he approved of it. He approved of the filler scene. He called it "beautiful." Color me gobsmacked. Sensei liked a bit of anime that I skimmed over as pure fanservice myself, and it was an IchiRuki eyesmex scene, lol!

Note that there is shippy squee beneath the cut.
First translation by nacchan_touya :
Kubo-sensei tweeted:  Watching the recorded BLEACH episode, this time the animation was done beautifully. In the anime original Rukia was the one who had the last word and I think the scene is very good, I'm glad because in the original work I haven't got the chance to touch Rukia

(deb's note--this is interesting because now we can all speculate about what it means for Sensei not to have "touched" upon Rukia yet)

eta: Pikeish's translation may explain the above--I hadn't speculated on this at all!


"I've watched the Bleach I telerecorded. This time, the drawing was really beautiful. Even though it was an anime original, I thought it was really nice that the last line was directed towards Rukia. Because in the original work, in relation to the (number of) pages, I didn't get a chance to touch on Rukia.

Post from the IchiRuki FC at BA and translation by Mai Tsukishiro 

Post from the IchiRuki FC at BA and translation by Mai Tsukishiro
Thanks, naho for the heads up! I strolled over there to find out, and here is what I got:

This tweet from Kubo-sensei says: "I recorded and watched the new Bleach episode. This episode had a beautiful picture huh? Even though in the original animation Rukia had the last word, it was good as it was. The scene seemed to coincide with the pages nicely, [not to mention] especially Rukia."

I'm guessing when he says "original animation" he means the cut he saw before they completed it. They must have added that bit at the end after he saw it. Looks like he pleasantly surprised

Someone responded to that first tweet,
(debbiechan's note: that would be se-noh aka Ku) which Kubo-sensei retweeted and his words are first before the RT.

The fan responded to Kubo-sensei saying: "Hello! I also saw the new anime scene and was touched. Rukia was in shock and passed by her brother (laugh) If I have [internet] access during my lunch break, I'll be happy to see if Kubo-sensei has responded."

Kubo-sensei's response: "I was also surprised, it must have been sad to be Byakuya then (laugh)."

Seems like Kubo-sensei enjoyed the mini-filler scene. Hmm...

Deb here again. The filler itself was 40 seconds long and a bit of indulgence I thought only shippers would appreciate. The anime had added Orihime healing Ishida on the dome (and that filler scene was met with much dislike by many fans--mostly because of its perky portrayal of Orihime who in canon had last been recalled by Ichigo in mourning, hugging herself in tears). I thought the healing scene on the dome didn't add anything to the characters the way Kubo's manga does and to be honest, even though I liked this IchiRuki scene, I thought that this scene didn't either--although it did emphasize, oddly, that Rukia prioritized her concern for Ichigo over seeing her dear Nii-sama again. Apparently Kubo was tickled and pleased by that. And to call the scene "beautiful?" Hmm, he does love his IchiRuki bond.

For those who don't remember the scene, here are some gifs by amy_core :

This tweet from Sensei strikes me as so significant because he's rarely commented on the anime before, never had an over positive thing to say about it (he's said he understands that it's "different" when many people are working on a project as opposed to one) and when there have been scenes added before such as the healing scene on the dome recently, he was silent on the matter. He's never commented on another scene before.
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