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syneiam  did this so I thought I should get my own predictions in LJ stone just in case they come true and I want to throw myself a wild congratulations party. I can't remember being so excited about Bleach in a long time (and that's saying a lot). The big secrets and confrontations seem just around the corner. Anything ANYTHING can happen but here's what I'm sure will:

1. Grimmjow won't die. Here's one place Syn and I are at polar ends. His death does seem necessary to the plot and the implications that Ichigo needs to lose his chocolate, but the flashbacks of the recent fight and Ichigo's heroic "for the sake of my nakama" speech have convinced me otherwise. Long ago, many were predicting that GJ would turn to the good side. Then as he got damn meaner, punched a hole in Rukia's stomach and kicked an Arrancar girl to death---well, he was just too bad. Now I think that he'll be a free agent. A mercenary sort, looking out for number one. He's definitely not on Aizen's team. He will unwittingly help the good guys (something I said could happen way back--Ichigo tends to spare people; maybe one day he'll spare someone who will do the good guys good).

2. Ichigo's not royalty. His dad is a Shinigami, as Syn as pointed out. If anything, his connections will be to the royal guard.

3. No more Hisana backstory. As much as I want know  for Rukia's true past to be revealed (why hasn't Kubo given us her born name? Maybe no one knows it ) and for her to be royal family, I think Kubo's got other fish to fry.

4. No Winter War. I'm so with Syn on this one. The second Hime was kidnapped, I knew that the whole war thing was just an excuse for the boys to train for this rescue effort. The war is a red herring. Kubo (who hates to time skip) will strengthen his team via battles and not time away training. The plot has to roll faster at this point. No more stalling. And the very idea of a grand melange with the Visored and Shinigami and everyone fighting everyone, while it sound lovely, is just not the shounen way.

5. NO Evil!Hime. Kubo's played her as the pure victim in the HM arc but also someone victimized by her own choices. I think that for Hime to go that down before she goes up again and regains self-confidence and strength would be too hard for even Kubo to pull off. Besides, it would take too much time. Kubo knows his audience can not bear much more emphasis on Hime (and he knew they couldn't bear Kanonju so out went that character. Seen him lately?)

6. Orihime will not pursure Ichigo. She's not the Susan Lucci of Bleach--no evilness, no getting in the way of a shojou plot. Her importance to the story lies elsewhere. She MAY confess to Ichigo in real life (and that would be so brave and wonderful) but she's not going out of her way to chase the poor boy, flash him her tits, or be somehow psychologically incapable of healing Rukia, as some have predicted.

7. Ichigo and Orihime will NEVER ever be a couple. I think this one is as obvious as the "good guys will triumph in the end," but since some people take issue here, I'll put it out there. The foundation of Kubo's story was laid in five years of hard work and character development so far. Ichigo doesn't "secretly" love Hime, as some have said. He just doesn't see her that way. "Oh hi Nell. Oh hi Hime." He's adorably clueless that she loves him, and well.... he's smitten with Rukia. I thought anyone with eyes could see that.

8. Ryuuken's backstory will be revealed.
Oh this one is so inevitable. What made his so damn cranky anyway. It's a Byakuya scenario. He'll do something grand before the end of Bleach (I'm quite sure he'll stay out of the HM arc) but that may not involve kicking a lot of Hollow butt with his Quincy badass self. He may do something as goopy and sweet as save his son--or better yet, a Shinigami's life.

9. Orihime will speed the development of the hougyoku.
There you go. No winter war--just a snowball running to the end of the Aizen confrontation.

10. Expect to see more Hitsugaya and Hisagi.
I don't think the filler and the movies have fed the fangirls. When Ukitake was watching Hime and Rukia fight in SS, why oh why wasn't he having a nice conversation with Shunsui? Ohhh no, Mr. Hotness has to show up. At least Kubo gave Hisagi some character by making him biased against humans. Hitsugaya--well, we've got to have resolution about his thingie with Momo, eventually. Momo's feelings tie into defeating Aizen somehow...

11. You haven't seen the last of Kaien.
Oh he'll pop back up again. If only in a flashback when Isshin reveals his heritage (did he have two sons? Is that something Ryuuken hinted at when he said "some father you are?") or as a full-fledged character. Rukia may have closed the gestalt with the guy, but the audience hasn't. We need to know who he was, and I think Ichigo does too.

12. Isshin is a Shiba.
Yeah, I'm going with that one.

13. Does anyone doubt that Hollow Ichigo is going to pop out at the most inconvenient time?
Ichigo will scare the living daylights out of Hime, be battled by Rukia with her resolved Kaien issues and/or battled by Ishida in his two winged angel form going against the devil devil that is Shirosaki. All will be right. The right choices will be made. Friendship and compassion will triumph over war.

14. Shinji et al show up in Hueco Mundo. It's a given. I've been expecting it ever since Shinji held that thank you note from Ichigo in his hand. Then the color spread. Kubo, you're a great tease, but seriously, this sort of foreplay may kill me instead of giving me a fangirl big O.

15. Ulquiorra shows his humanity,
goes down saving Hime's life or something like that. He may be revived after we all think he's dead, but there's tragedy written all over the boy.

16. Ulquiorra is Sora.
That's my son's crack theory. I believe it sometimes.

17.My IshiHime prediction (you knew it was coming)
: Whether or not the two get together (I think they won't but that their togetherness will be implied for some post-manga time), Ishida has to identify his feelings for Orihime. Kubo kept hitting us over the head by juxtaposing his (almost pathological) concern for Hime in SS while telling us that Ishida needed to find out what he wanted to protect (Du-oh. If Chad can say he wants to protect Ichigo's sister, Orihime say she wants to protect Ichigo, and if Souken can imply that what Ryuuken wanted to protect was Uryuu---then I think we're not looking at some abstract concept like "the innocent." We're going to get a person). Also all that SS time Kubo spent developing IshiHime will not be for naught. The great injustice that Kubo put in bold print--that every time Orihime spoke about Ichigo, there was Ishida all wistful-eyed and caring about her feelings--that great injustice has to be rectified and Orihime, even if she doesn't LOVE the guy, will turn around and notice him. Let the healing begin.

18. Gin, as much as I don't want him to, my beautiful smiley psycho baby, will die.
That's all I know. I can say without any doubt that Gin is the MOST mysterious character in Bleach.

19. Ishida will fight Ulquiorra.
Yes, folks. You heard it here first.

20. Wonderweiss will unwittingly help the good guys. Maybe he'll peck Aizen's eyes out like a little bird with those buck teeth of his.

21. Ichigo will become a full-time Shinigami captain
He and Rukia will live in Soul Society. Ichigo's too caught up in his Shinigami identity to do anything else. He can't go back to being a PT Shinigami or just a high school kid.

22. Soul Society will be re-structured.
I'm so with Syn on this one. In my imagination, though, this restructuring of the corrupt, outdated Shinigami system will happen along with a restructuring of heaven and earth. SS will atone for what it did to the Visored and the whole "I can't find my family" sadness that Chad confronted with parakeet boy will be amended somehow. It will be easier for souls in this soul holding place.

23. Hollows will no longer haunt the earth.

24. Grimmjow WILL be the king of Hueco Mundo (
I was saying this way before the GJ flashbacks).

25. Hallo shippers--if there's going to be another kiss in the manga, it's going to be: Orihime kissing Ishida.
Oh yes.. Bias at work here but think of it. Kubo showed us he wasn't afraid of near-lip-lockage or a shoujo theme in 237. Orihime needs to finish that kiss, and we all know that a hero of a shounen can't lock lips with a girl--especially one ("Oh hi Inoue") he has no feelings for. IchiRuki as a pairing is a done deal in my view---their union is carved in rock--but if there's going to be any more overt shoujo action it's going to be between the girl who looks like Ayumi in Honey and Clover, and the boy who looks like every desirable bishie in glasses in shoujo.

There's more, but I wanted to put these down.

EDIT: 26. Chad will become a Hollow.
I mean, he already is one. Bet his abuelo was a hybrid.

Poll Results

It's not surprising that because a lot of this comm is IshiHime-based that people wanted more IshiHime most of all. Good news--that's what I'm in the mood to write. I also have the yaoi bug bag for the AIZEN HAREM fics. I think it was CRUEL (and probably evilly deliberate) of Kubo to kick my favorite yaoi pairing in the ass by giving Aizen fangirls and having Ulquiorra stare at Orihime's breasts.... whatever, those boys are still my dark homo lovers. Also, the only thing left on my to-do list (along with cleaning up the incomprehensible horrible mess that is "Diaspora") is an A/U IchiIshi as requested by sublimeparadigm

People thought I wrote Ishida the best and needed to work on Renji. No argument there. I've tried to document my Ishida characterizations like I have thesis references, and I've gotten better at writing him after 3 years. I used to write him too sappy at first, but people do forget he's only 15-16 and a doofus. The cruel humor inflicted on him by ff writers is inevitable. The physical torture--well, uke bishie types just scream for that.

Renji, while I've only written him as Ishida's lover save for a few romantic het drabbles is someone I could stand to work on a LOT. All I've got going for him is this "I survived the rogunkai" mentality and speech patterns that kick the old hee-haw sub translations apart just because I hated them so and Renji wouldn't talk like that. Maybe I shall write him het. Maybe I shall write him as the star of his own story. I love the big lug.

You people really do read chapter descriptions. Characterization matters most for you.

And I've discovered I'm a weenie of spoiled weenies because I don't count my blessings in this fandom. A depressive who essentially lost her innocence in the Bleach fandom (can't go back to be an observer ever again--I'm in, I've gone native, the little funny book I planned is just pisswater now), I tend to dwell on the bad stuff, the harrassment, the flames, the tauntings. I can swear that I won't buckle to "let's get debbie to blow up" tauntings anymore, but you never know when progesterone or other factors are going to make me react.

I get reviews daily (someone as prolific as I am naturally would), I get art faved daily (even some of the crappiest stuff which means that some people out there enjoy it so I can't take it all down out of embarrassment), I get letters--2 or 3 a week and they're so kind (and I'm glad I'm accessible and people feel like they can write me--it's a special sort of fandom communication), I've written a half a dozen stories I'm really proud of, and about 3-4 arts that don't totally suck, and I still get giddy reading spoilers for the new chapters. I'm a fangirl. I'm a squealing happy fangirl.

And what do I do? I moan about some two or three girls that call themselves "the fandom" that high-school bitch about me (the fandom is HUGE and most of it, I'd guess a good percentage, has never heard of me or this comm or identified my name with any art or story). I despair because I can't write genuine smut or do cell-shaded art. I get disgusted and angry with the general so-much-ado-about crap internet people can dish out (seriously, if people want to diss me, they should just IGNORE me).

But then Grimmjow has some flashbacks as a panther and I'm such a happy fan again.

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