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Bleach 418 is out

Bleach 418 is out on MangaStream.

** REMINDER: Do not Tweet to Kubo about this chapter until Monday, or tweet to him using icons from this chapter until Monday.

Oh, Ichigo. So. freaking. hot. <33333333

Ichigo's still very composed this chapter. He wasn't bothered by Aizen's "blah blah blah" talk, he didn't rise to the bait, he didn't get angered or impassioned. It was all very calm and matter-of-fact for him.

I wonder if Aizen's observations on Ichigo are correct - that Ichigo has "thrown away" his reiatsu to do what Aizen believes he's done. Ichigo didn't confirm or deny Aizen's theory, so...

Based on what Aizen said, Ichigo and Aizen's right hands have merged with their zanpakutou? (Yeah, I did have to look up "agglutination." -_-)

Aizen losing his shit is really funny <3333 I was amused by how unaffected Ichigo is by Aizen throughout this chapter, and Aizen's rising disbelief and panic after all his "I'm so hot and powerful" talk, complete with his: "LOOK AT ME, I'M USING A SUPER AWESOME HIGH LEVEL KIDOU SPELL. YOU ARE SO DEAD~!" attack. Ichigo just slashed through it like it was nothing. I really loved Ichigo saying, "Are you scared?" to Aizen. <3333

Yeah. So I'm wondering how whether Aizen has anything left up his sleeve, or if he really just is so far below Ichigo, he'll get defeated here or run away to lick his wounds.
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