Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X (skilly_n_duff) wrote in bleachness,
Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X

Saturday Spam...again. Sorry.

First off, a big thanks to Debbie for running this wonderful com!  She really does have a TON of other stuff she could be doing irl, but decides to be our Mom on the internet anyway.  ...I need one of those "I want Debbiechan for my Mommie" Icons.

Second, this post is a kiriban!  My very first!  About three weeks ago, nijibug sent me this screencap proving that she had landed on my 666th page view.  I think that's awesome.  So I drew her something demonic.

This is actually a super rough concept piece for a much nicer painting I was planning to finish around December (in time for the new movie, YAY!)  but I think it's a good prize for 666.     Mua ha ha.


Full view on my DA:

Tags: fanart
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