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Bleach 417 is Out

Bleach chapter 417 is out at Mangastream.

ETA: Mangastream is experiencing some technical issues.

** REMINDER **: Do not Tweet to Kubo about this chapter or Tweet to him using art from this chapter until Monday.

Okay, I'm just going to stare at Ichigo for a while. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare. Yum. Ichigo, are you really 16? Oh, he is wearing a glove as some thought.

Looks like Ichigo's longer hair is because of the time he spent in the dangai, since we see unconscious Isshin with a full-grown beard. (Though part of it could still be because of his new power.)

Ichigo can sense Karin and Yuzu now! :D :D His reiatsu-reading abilities have grown~

Ichigo and afro-san, lol.

Aaah, Ichigo looks so mature now. Keigo thinks Ichigo looks taller - I wonder if it's really height or if it's just the way Ichigo is carrying himself. He's so calm. Gin says Ichigo has strong eyes and gives another line here that sounds so final (leaving this to Ichigo). Am I just imagining it, or is there a sort of sadness in there, in the parts when Ichigo looks at Gin? Ichigo, what happened in your inner world? :o

Rangikuuuuu. ;_; Gin~ I'm still personally convinced Gin will kick the bucket but... Rangikuuu. T_T

Tatsuki commenting about not feeling Ichigo's power seems like a reference to when Aizen was a condom chrysalis still, and Urahara-tachi said they couldn't sense Aizen's reiatsu, that only someone like Aizen could feel it (i.e., Ichigo). Now it seems reversed - Aizen can't feel Ichigo's reiatsu because he's now below Ichigo?

And Ichigo lands his hand on Aizen's face and takes him elsewhere. :D Aizen-chou was really irritating in this chapter. Normally I'm indifferent to him, but his 'blah blah, you disappointed me, young Jedi, you failed to live up to your potential' arrogance - seriously, STFU. Oh wait, Ichigo shut him up for us. \o/

:xxxx I want to know what happened in Ichigo's inner world. I don't care about the fighting or training, I just want the character development that led to this Ichigo we see now.
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