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25 August 2010 @ 12:08 am
Fanfic and Vectors  
Title: Love in the Mask
Category: Bleach
Character(s): Ulquiorra & Orihime I.
Chapter 2 Title: Her True Fear
Words: 4,868
Genre(s): Romance/General
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: A new threat appears and Ulquiorra knows he must drive Orihime away,
but his passion and hunger for her grow more irresistible every time they
touch. Can he truly protect her by masking his own heart?


Note: Rating will change to M in the later chapters.

Hot off the scale! These Anime Characters know how to strike a pose. Come and see my vector works of characters that I love! Feast your eyes on their cutest of expression, their most dashing appearance, but remember to credit if ever used.



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