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Kubo doesn't do it for the moneys, he says

Kubo-sensei is harping on this fact lately--that he writes for his characters and not for popular opinion. Screencap gratis Annie and translation thanks to Nacchan from a recent Jump Bang television program. Sensei said: “Selling something that I myself didn’t enjoy is a sin

The cap and infos are here at the IchiRuki FC at BA The post includes Nacchan's opinions of course--and the one worth noting beyond any ship agenda is "I wish that some people would stop accusing him that he did everything because he was under pressure for pleasing the majority fans or just because of the money when the outcomes of his work didn’t favor them." I share that sentiment too. Fanservice is one thing--I personally believe Sensei draws big titties because he himself enjoys big titties and enjoys pleasing people who like to see them XD but that's another issue. I don't doubt he's 100% committed to his lifeswork. /Kubofangirling
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