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IshiRen fic! (as in Uryuu tops. yes.)

Since most of the RenIshi fans I know are here, I figure I might as well post this.  Let's just say I got a little carried away with Renji's faboo new filler outfit.  xD

Title: Arabian Nights (I'm lazy, I know.)

Author: Naoko

Characters/Pairings: Renji, Uryuu, IshiRen (!!)

Rating: Soft M?

Warnings: Renji in the gayest outfit ever, Uryuu being a seductive little bastard, and implied boysex

In which Uryuu extracts his revenge for a tour of Soul Society gone wrong.

Here @ thelovelyfool  and here @ [community profile] maboroshi

x-posted to far too many places.  Dx
Tags: fanfic, ishida, renishi, renji
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