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Fanart--"Ever had a Quincy Wedgie?" IshiHime, GinRan

Some fangirl giddiness over at a giddy place has got me in the IshiHime mood again. I'm getting out of a drawing slump (you know, the kind where you ooh and aah at everyone else's fanart and think "why bother" about your own).

Is it just me or are Japanese fanarts just more fantastic than American ones? I was strolling around some IshiHime art and saw that, with this couple at least, the arts from Japan are quick and breezy--a lot of oekaki and situations, as in Ishida and Orihime are not just standing there--there doing something, very often times a funny something.

A lot of the most excellent fanart I see is digitally amazing and worked over, but there's something about these little IshiHime fancomics and fanarts that make me all goo--goo.

In any event, I overdraw but not to the pt of being good with detail, and even though this pic started out being a breezy, easy comic one, I ended up adding and adding color like a stupid. But I really like my realistic/cartoon faces:

I also colored the GinRan by edge_chan 
Gin Ran at DA

Someone told me recently that character-bashing is like insulting your taste. Made sense.  In that regard, implying that your ship is "wrong" by even suggesting that yours is canon insults the shipper's ability to judge and predict. Since guessing at what's going to happen next is a big part of following a serial manga, there are bound to be disagreements. Opposing ships read/judge/interpret  the details of the manga differently, and one and the other believe (even if the fans don't speak the words) the other to be stupidly wrong.

I'd rather have my taste insulted than my brains.

I don't always need to worry about who Ichigo will end up fucking. I find comfort in fun ships like Nemu and Ikkaku that I know ( judge, predict) Kubo will not develop. Or in certain yaoi parings that will never be more than hinted at, if that. (Aizen and Ulquiorra---there's devotion and authority, ukelala to master if I ever saw it). Interestingly, I've found out that some yaoi followers take their readings of the manga to be "true" and/or correct. This is surprising to me because I thought that yaoi and BL lived mostly outside the original text and in the realm of fanfiction. Already, I've found in yaoi fanfic, Ishida is often the uke and that means a doe-eyed, sensitive angsting type. (He does seem to get raped a lot, hmmm). Ishida shows signs of being this mooshy only in filler (grrrrr), or when he was five and crying to his grandpa. The Ishida I've read in the current manga has been goofy sometimes, vulnerable to expressing grief (such as when Chad goes down) but he's a caustic, defensive guy 99% of the time. When I try to write IC fiction, even yaoi fiction, this is the Ishida I reference. (Oh, I am so hated for shipping both IshiHime and Ichishida and preferrng and predicting the former to become canon. I'm getting more than a little sick of implications that I discount and insult yaoi simply for having an opinion (about one het couple?). I've said before that the seme-uke formula is just that--its own art form, one I love to see in doujinshi but that (usually) has little to do with the source material. Some very good yaoi writing doesn't even follow this formula (and--gasp!--presents an Ishida that is emotional within a believable context!)

I tell you--it's rough being a floater. Certain audiences come to expect certain things. I write het domestic comedy and then write yaoi necrophilia, and few are going to like both.

I'm in the mood to write one of those music-swelling, sappy, indulgent BL fanfics or else a kinky, dark IshiHime. Think I can do it? Turn the expectations around?

I can not make anything but long-range predictions for the manga at this point. I dunno.
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