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Some Masked translations

Well, I'm still in the process of translating Ishida's pages - though for now they don't seem to be particularly interesting, just a brief recap. *sighs*

In the meantime, here, have some more of Kubo's interview! :D



“While you were going through the Arrancar arc, were there any changes made?”




Kubo: “Originally, when I started drawing the Arrancar arc, I was thinking of drawing some battles where the enemy is properly killed. In the Soul Society arc no one died. The Soul Society arc was an arc of battles with no clear-cut good or bad, where people clashed with each other simply because of the differences in their beliefs – but in the Arrancar arc, I wanted to draw what you would call bad. That’s why most of the enemies are dead. Because up until now, I hadn’t drawn any battles where people die. So, I drew battles where people died – and yet, they don’t feel particularly ‘dead’. That may have been a discovery. In the story there are some characters who are completely dead, and the possibility that they will appear again from now on is zero. But still, Nnoitra for example… what will I do with him from now on? I’m thinking a little about things like that, you know? I mean, I think there may not be really a ‘feeling of being dead’. Even though while I drew I was aware of the fact that some enemies are completely bad, and that I should kill them – the love held by the part of me that draws didn’t change… that too was a discovery. I don’t know if the other sensei draw with this kind of awareness, but… if someone appears who is terribly bad, you think something like ‘bad guy’, no? So I was wondering… if the part of me that reads holds this kind of awareness, would the part of me that draws write with this kind of feeling too?”




“And there was no such thing?”




Kubo: “Yes. Even when I was drawing, ultimately… there were no terribly bad guys up until the end. Even if I wrote them doing bad deeds, you don’t especially resent them, you know? So, I have this feeling… that maybe the scope of their likable parts has expanded? And when I write good sides for the characters… well, even if they would be considered bad sides in real life, for those characters they are good sides. Talking about that scope, a conspicuous example in Soul Society would be someone like Mayuri. There is the bad side of Mayuri’s will… the side that did those experiments and similar things – but he has a good side too. That in the common world would still be a bad side. I think with this ‘Ah, those are good sides’ realization – the range of things I can now draw has expanded. On top of writing the Arrancar arc.”




“For example, even Nnoitra’s repeated massacres?”




Kubo: “For someone like Nnoitra, that is a good side. If that were ever to stop, it would be because it has stopped in Nnoitra too. That kind of side is present in Ruppi too, and in Szayel Aporro, and in Loli.”





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