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Early Funeral for Gin?

I don't know about you guys but I've been verklempt all week. I thought Ulquiorra's death did me in, but I loved Gin even before Ulquiorra appeared in the manga and even though I knew the day was coming when he and Ran would have their angsty moment--argh! (Also I shipped AiGin--trust me, in my head canon, it made sense to ship both AiGin and GinRan--so double ouch!) I remember when Ulquiorra passed, capslock_bleach   held a gorgeous funeral. Is it too early to have one for Gin? Neha wrote a requiem that made me bawl here and you're welcome to add your own to this post, but hey, why not a poll first?

Poll #1608599 Gin is ....

Gin is ... (check as many as your heart desires)

gone. Alas, we hardly knew ye, silver fox.
going to have some last LAST words next chapter a la Tousen (remeber we thought Tousen was down for the count but he needed to explode--maybe Gin needs to dissolve to be gone for sure)
going to have one last confrontation with Kira
going to be revived by Orihime to be prosecuted by Soul Society for his crimes--cue fascinating side story and happy fans!
will surprise everyone in HELL in Movie 4!

Also, I thought there would be a slew of GinRan arts on DA these days but haven't found too many. Maybe everyone is still in shock. Here are a couple gorgeous ones. The prettiest ever by Kara-lija:http://kara-lija.deviantart.com/art/Leave-Me-With-My-Sins-176057819 and this one by Pan-Pan made me wibble-wibble: http://pan-pan.deviantart.com/#/d2wt0ki I'm sort of dreading any further GinRan images from Kubo-sensei himself next week but I imagine we'll get a lot of talky-talk from Aizenfly before the Ichigo battle and maybe be spared any more heart-wrenching art. But knowing how sadistic Sensei is... waaah.
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