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Grisaille, Chapter 2

Because I need to occupy my brain SOMEHOW while waiting for the chapter.  I am deathly afraid for a certain psycopath.

Title: Grisaille
Rating: T-M for blood and violence
Link to ch 1:
Summary: While on an internship in the parks where dreams come true, a Byakuya fangirl learns the incredibly hard way you should not wish upon a star.


Chapter 2: To Kill a Mockingbird

I'm despicable. A monster. Scum. - Kira Izuru, Beginning of the Death of Tomorrow

Great first chapter, huh? Lots of drama/questions/excitement. Let's take a step back for a moment, sort of a breather from the intense action (Don't worry, we'll return to the blood and gore soon enough) Your opinion of this story is set already. I can hear it now, "Fan-girl meets her favorite Bleach boy-toy, he discovers she's gorgeous/powerful/sexy/not like any other girl he knows!" And you know what? If the title was "Boo-YAH-kuya"/anything to do with the color red/mentions of ice/"OMG! byaxme tru luv lol plz read and rep plzz!1!1!" you would be entirely right. Byakuya would land at my feet dramatically wounded, I would nurse him back to health, discover my long lost soul-reaper heritage, and within a month he would confess his love/kiss me/make out with me/let's keep this T rated/ no seriously get your mind out of the gutter.

This ain't that. Within weeks, Byakuya left without looking back. Megan Grey was barely a blip on his immortal radar. We parted on good terms on a sunny day in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I waved, he didn't, no surprises or tears. I didn't go all "October. . . November. . . December. . . January. . ." once he left either. (mostly because he left in July, but also because I spent the next week being hunted down and slaughtered by a serial killer...but more on that in a few dozen chapters or so.) Why am I putting this in? Because I don't want you to get your hopes up like I did. Because real life works more like that. Also, I wanted to see if you were paying attention when I threw in the serial killer bit. Back to where we left off!


It took me all of 2 seconds to recognize my favorite (note:understatement) Zanpakuto release. By that time, my knees had given out and I was going cross-eyed with the effort to stay conscious. (I didn't have the decency to realize until later my friends were already passed out...along with everyone else in the audience)

"HAKUTEIKEN!" White emporer's sword! The form of Byakuya's Bankai '? my inner fangirl squealed. Shut up! the rest of me replied before my arms also turned numb and my face hit the pavement. Trying to BREATHE here. The blistering fury in his voice was unbelievable-the ECHOES had echos, sound waves slamming over me, crushing me further into the ground. (Cool huh?) The coolness of the moment lasted for only a few more seconds, until my stomach split open from navel to sternum.

No, not literally. Yes, I promised you guts but that was false advertising, sorry!

If I could've still breathed, some serious screaming would have kicked in at this point. Instead , I stopped even trying to pay attention and just curled up into a miserable ball of agony. I'm sure you were looking forward to an awesome fight scene in more of my flavorfully original writing style but sorry. I wasn't actually watching the thing. Hope you understand.

I'm sure it was AWESOME though, what with the fireworks bouncing off of a billion bits of Byakuya's bankai and a whole sonido/shunpo ballet going on out there and yes, a small part of my fangirl brain does indeed to this day cry itself to sleep every night but I really couldn't help it and no one else could either and I'm really just letting this sentence drag on and on, sidetracking myself because I don't have the self confidence to tell you I was puking my guts out. Oh. Never mind, that was easy.

If you're really dying for some good descriptions, most of what I can give you involves chunks of curry mixed with the apples and peanut butter I ate for lunch. Even if my neck were still listening to orders from my brain (Which it wasn't. It ran out the door along with my ability to stand and my bladder control but NOBODY wants details on that) it was raining too hard for me to see anyhow. I could hear just fine, though. Not like I could help it-it would be impossible to block out the bone shaking howls from whatever thing Byakuya was (BYAKUYA, MEGAN! Fangirl again, sorry, but BYAKUYA WAS RIGHT THERE!1!1!!) fighting. Especially after I passed out as well. Then it was impossible for me to see at all.

This all happened really, really fast. Like "in the time it takes you to read this sentence, Megan was out for the count". However, "By the time you read THIS sentence probably 5 or 6 times, she was back again." I mean, the 10 minute long fireworks were still going when I awoke in my charming puddle of rainwater, puke and pee. The white hot pain in my abs had dimmed to a sort of 60 watt sear, probably the only reason my brain could summon up the courage to start working again. I rolled over and let the pouring rain (Welcome to Sunny Florida!) rinse the crap off of my face. I craned my neck around trying to figure out what was happening and if survival was a possibility. I would have told myself it was a dream, but I can't smell in dreams. Also, dreams can only hurt so much before you wake up and I was pretty sure I'd passed that threshold already.

My stomach, although much less painful, continued to do it's hernia impression. Girls, think about PMS cramping times a million. Boys, I have no way to explain this to you. Wincing, I tried to roll over one more time (awaaay from the puddle o' crud) but just ended up curling back into my ball. There was an eerie clarity to the music and a strange silence after the thunder of the rockets red glare. No oohs or aahs from the crowd. Keeping one fist clenched against my belly button, I shakily got back on my hands and knees. Looking back out towards the lake, I saw something that made my heart once again shudder to a stop. This time, however, very little pain was involved.

Alright, here is the only truly romantic moment in this whole chapter, so I'll give it my best.

Knee deep in the lagoon's shallows, backlit by fountaints and flame, Kuchiki Byakuya stood. Shards of white, which I assumed to be the remains of his kensiekan, were tangled in the black hair plastered to his face and neck by rain and blood. An avenging angel crippled by battle, Byakuya sloshed clumsily towards shore, one crimson-drenched arm dangling uselessly at his side, the other trailing his sealed Zanpakuto in the water behind him. He wasn't wearing a sheath or even a belt of any kind...alright, the romance gets overtaken by my fangirling at this point because he also wasn't wearing most of his shirt. His pants were doing their duty, but only just. Lots of tatters were involved, gashes in the fabric that matched gashes in flesh pouring out blood. My dream-come-true's focus was on the ground. He made it to shore, taking a few staggering steps sideways before stabbing Senbonzakura into the ground. Byakuya needed help. And I was the only person available. You have any idea the sort of THRILLS that sent through me?

(Here, the romance ends. Trouble starts.)

I tried to gracefully hop over the guard rope/chain thing and failed. Thank you, wet grass. Getting to my feet once more, I staggered forward some more, probably looking just as drunk as him. A sudden fountain of firework stars blasted up from the torch beyond. Byakuya must have not seen me until this moment-he straightened, wrenched his sword from the sand, and pointed it at me. You have any idea the sort of TERROR this sent through me? I stuck my hands in the air as another golden white blast went off. He can't have seen me very well though, since the third blast let me see he was cross-eyed and the point of his sword was weaving back and forth. Before the shimmers faded, the Zanpakuto fell to the ground. It's owner looked seriously in danger of following.

I jumped forward, thinking that my slightly-fluffy five foot two figure was enough to catch and support a six foot something samurai. Remember how the romantic moment is long over? Yeah, I slipped and fell on my butt (Good thing it wasn't the Zanpakuto, eh?), slid down the inclined shore like a slip and slide, and slammed into his shins. A multitude of white flares shot up, fireworks gearing up for the finale, and Byakuya fell to his very bony knees directly on top of me. He was unconscious and very, very heavy. Also wet. And heavy. And beautiful. And heavy. For a moment, my hand hovered in the air as I considered brushing the sharp white bits from his hair. I thought better of it and decided to try and restore the blood flow to my legs instead. An explosion of thunder coincided with another spattering of my heart beats as a collective gasp went up from around the lake. This was followed by a multitude of groans, screams, questions and curses. There was an audience once again. I tried to stand, or even just to shift the sudden dead weight pinning me down as the clamor continued. Closing my eyes, I shoved with all my might ignoring the pain shooting through my core. A huge "THWOOM" of freezing cold air blasted past. My eyes flew open. What on earth? That's never been in the show before.

The audience fell eerily quiet once again, just in time for the final burst of color, heat and chords. Then the nightly enthusiastic applause thundered from around the showcase lagoon. Cheers, whistles, and clapping was all I heard from every side-definitely NOT what you'd expect from a crown who'd just regained group consciousness after a collective pass out stealing a good 5 minutes of their lives.

"Um." I tried to shove the dead weight off me again...and decided to end the chapter here.

I'm sorry, but my funeral would have been today and they won't let me go and watch. And, after spending hours imagining the family and friends I'll never see again cry over my casket, I have to admit my heart just isn't into writing a good cliffhanger. (even though two seconds later, there was the opportunity for a pretty good one) I hope you're still interested enough to read on. Things do get better for you from here on out! And by that, I mean worse for me you sick, sick masochistic audience you.

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