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Cruel Tweets Don't Bother Sensei! Do Not Worry, he says!

Just for the record, there’s been some confusion about Sensei’s tweets today regarding Orihime and some fan criticism of her. No, Sensei was not addressing Orihime hate in general in Bleach fandom. For some days now a tweeter claiming to be a Rukia fan has been sending Kubo-sensei, Kudo-san and Morita-kun tweets saying horrible things about the character of Orihime and calling for Orihime’s death among other things. A recent tweet said that if Orihime had a large part in the movie this tweeter would not go to the movie. The tweeter linked Kubo-sensei to the Orihime 2ch hate thread. Sensei mildly warned the tweeter not long ago and sent private notes to fans concerned about the messages telling them not to worry. When the messages started up again with more verocity, I tweeted him last night:


誰かが先生に残酷なツイートを送ったと気づきました...あの誰かがルキアのファンのふりをしているんでしょうね。やめるように祈っています。天は闇と光 の言語を話して、祈りは暗いです。先生はすてきなイメージとときどきツイートで答えていますから、いつもの辛抱でありがとう。


I saw cruel tweets to you. I know someone is impersonating a Rukia fan. I pray annoyances go away. The sky speaks language of light and dark and prayers are dark. Sensei answers in beautiful pictures and sometimes in tweets. Thank you for your patience.


Others expressed their concern and a few hours later Sensei responded in a series of tweets:
以上。それでは原稿に戻ります! about 7 hours ago via Teewee
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この考えについて、議論する気はありません。勿論、違う考えがあっても結構。510年と何かを作り続けて得た考えであれば、それはその人の作り手として の生き方です。否定する事はありません。このツイートを読んで思うところあれば、その時点でこのツイートの意義は満たされるのです。 about 7 hours ago via Teewee
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一部だろうが全部だろうが、受け手に媚びて漫画を描くという事は、責任を受け手に押し付けるという事です。自分が心から面白いと思っていない作品で、他人 に金を払わせる事は、詐欺です。それが俺の考えです。 about 7 hours ago via Teewee
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俺がRTしたことで雑言を見てしまった織姫のファンや、気楽にBLEACHを楽しんでる読者のみんなも、申し訳ない。ただ、他人の意見で俺の描き方が変わ る可能性はゼロなので、そこは心配しないで下さい。 about 7 hours ago via Teewee
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それから、下の子のツイート見て、普通のルキアファンは(下の子は「ルキアが好きで、織姫が嫌い」な子です。)ショックを受けるかも知れないけど、あれで 俺の中のルキアファンの心証が悪くなることは無いから安心して下さい。 about 7 hours ago via Teewee
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毎週世界中の人間が読む状況で、10年近く週一で漫画描いてる人間の中に、この程度でアタフタするような奴は居ません。丁度いいタイミングだったので、意思表明に使わせて貰いました。 about 8 hours ago via Teewee
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あ、前にチラッとこういうことがあった時、手紙やリプライで物凄い心配されたけど、特に怒ってる訳でもショック受けてる訳でもないので、心配しなくて大丈夫ですよ。 about 8 hours ago via Teewee
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そんなとこかな。あと言っとくことあったかなぁ。 about 8 hours ago via Teewee
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才能も無く、努力もせず、そのくせ与えられるものに不平を言って、努力する人間の足しか引っ張れないような奴は、目を瞑ってどっか隅っこに挟まって、口だ け開けて雨と埃だけ食って辛うじて生きてろ。 about 8 hours ago via Teewee


KU (poppymoon) summarized the tweets this way:


From here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/poppy_moon/archives/51567950.html



□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■ Mr.Kubo's words to us □■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■
To Rukia fans
ordinary Rukia fan read these tweets and may be shocked. (the kid likes Rukia and hates Orihime)
but the impression of Rukia fans never worsens, because of that tweets. Don't worry.

To Orihime fans and other ordinary BLEACH fans
I'm sorry that I let you guys see that worthless tweets because of my RT.
but please don't worry. I never change my drawing style because of other people's opinion.

please don't worry. I never be angry and never be shocked by these tweets.

even if it is all even if it is a part, drawing manga for liking of reader means that it forces responsibility on reader.

It is my thought.

I just don't want people to get the idea that these tweets from Kubo have anything to do with the ohmygawdOrihimeisFAILbecauseshedoesn't useTsubaki! criticism! one may see in fandom and that in fact it was bleachness members such as Annie and Syn and Amy and myself and others who wrote Sensei appalled by this tweeter's hatred of Orihime.

ETA: mezzo's direct translation of Kubo's tweet (not summary like Ku's--although thank you very much Ku). The first translation made me LOL with its particular colorfulness. <3


Talentless people who don’t make any personal effort and yet complain about the things that they are given – when they can’t drag other, hard-working people to follow their lead – shut their eyes tightly and end up somewhere in a corner, just barely managing to survive by opening their mouth and eating nothing but rain and dust.


So it’s like that, eh? I might have been warned about it before.


Before, when this kind of thing happened by accident, I got some terribly worried letters and replies… but there is no reason to get especially angry or shocked – it’s okay, don’t worry.


In this kind of situation, when every week people from all around the world read your words, no one among the ones who’ve been writing manga every week for almost ten years would be so hasty. Because the timing was just right, I was led to speak a manifestation of my intentions.


And then, after seeing that child’s tweet, normal Rukia fans (the child was the ‘I like Rukia, I hate Orihime’ type) probably were shocked – but that won’t damage the impression of Rukia fans I hold inside me – so please, don’t worry.


I’m truly sorry, for the Orihime fans who had to see such foul language in one of my RT and for all BLEACH readers who enjoy the manga at their comfort. But since there is zero chance that my writing style will change because of other people’s comments, please don’t worry about it.


Be it just in one part or in the entire thing, currying favor with the readers while writing a manga means pushing the blame on the readers. Making other people pay money for something I don’t find interesting from the bottom of my heart would be a fraud.


About that idea, I don’t feel like discussing it. Naturally, it’s great that there are differing thoughts. If someone keeps making something for five, ten years and there are many opinions, that is that person’s way of life as a creator. I’m not denying that. If I read that tweet and it makes me think something, in that moment the tweet’s significance is satisfied completely.


No less. In that situation, I’d return the manuscript!
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