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Bleach Portrait 5

Gin: In the Way

WARNING:  Blood and gore.  Not kidding.  I mean, it's all symbolic or whatever but still THERE IS MUCH RED IN THIS PICTURE.


The scanner basically slew the thing but I've got a digitally painted version of this on the way .  Since I'm headed on vacation tomorrow (YAY!) I thought I'd leave this here for y'all while I'm gone. 

Gin...ah, Gin.  The moment I read THIS panel the picture basically drew itself.  I'm a huge GinRan shipper (in my personal circle of Bleach fans, my nickname is Matsumoto) and the angst for the past month has been oh-so-tastily satisfying. Like much of the fandom, I've been squealing "I KNEW IT!" all week.    Don't get me wrong, I know Gin is not a good guy.  But I'm telling you, it feels so good having proof he's not a villain. 

HIS LOVE FOR MATSUMOTO DOES NOT REDEEM HIS OTHER SINS.  Like so many others in Bleach, Gin is focused on only one person. This is not a good thing, no matter what the fairytales say.   (Look where it's taken Tousen.  Or Orihime.  Or Hinamori.  Or Hitsugaya. Or...y'know, that's enough)  If you're willing to destroy the world to save one person, even if it means sacrificing yourself, that means the person you love is going to end up alone watching the world burn. You have to share the love.

Of course, you could take it too far the other way and run yourself ragged trying to save EVERYONE.  (Yeah, Ichigo, I'm looking at you)

EXCELLENT NEWS! (and slightly OT) The portfolio I worked on last week instead of a Bleach portrait?  It was my application for the Animation BFA major at Brigham Young University.  It's one of the top animation programs in the country according to a Mr. Ed Catmull (President of Pixar, btw.  Y'kno, PIXAR.)  I've been trying for two years to get in and have applied no less then 4 times. 

And I made it.  YAY!

Who's going insane from lack of chapter this week?  Skilly is going insane from lack of chapter this week.
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