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More from Kubo's Masked Interview: cue controversy!

from czeliate at BA:

oh...by the way~..

more kubo tite's interview:

1. kubo said the next arc will take place in Karakura town, a character who's older than ichigo will show up..
(older than ichigo huh? I guess is don kanonji?, karakura town huh? didn't the story currently at karakura town? In that case, if you read the censored interview part, I think the karakura town arc is a mini arc aka next arc~ then the next next arc--> the bigger arc-probably isshin and the two bodies from syazel lab will be revealXD!! OMG! Im excited!!!XD~)

2. The guy who interviews kubo whether chojiro had a chance on becoming a captain, kubo said he doesn't have captain qualityXD.. then he said its the way how he draws a character... the way he draws the vice captains like hisagi and izuru etc probably doesn't have the material to become a captain. However its interesting to see if the vice captain gets promoted to be a captain.
(true...imagine if momo becomes a captain ..... it seems odd doesn't it? )

3. Kubo thinks Marenoshin(omaeda's father) is more outstanding than his son..
(lolXD~ I agree!! I agree!! His father is definitely awesome than him XD)

4. The guy asking whether the Omaeda's were a secret mobile corps for the past generation? Kubo replied : yes
(lol~ Omaeda's ancestors,his granpa, his father, himself are all secret mobile corps.?..then next secret mobile corps will probably be his brother then )

5. Kubo said Hanataro's brother : seinnosuke has a bad character...however, he respect captain Unohana very much
(and having a bad character doesn't mean he's bad aka villain)

6. The guy asking how old is unohana, kubo replied that she was already a captain from the beginning, and he'll draw her true face in the future story.
(f*ck yeah!!! She's one of mah favouriteXD)

7. Kubo wants Ganju to re-appear in the manga again.

8. Kubo plans to reveal all the Royal Guard.
(ASAP kubo~ ASAP...)

9. Kubo says he'll probably draw a TBTP II since the unknown characters have been introducedXD
(oh yes!!! I always like TBTPXD)

10. Kubo says he wish the readers doesn't have the impression in loving a character(hisagi especially) when they didn't even know much about a character, but the readers need to understand the character only to fall in love with him/her, that's why he made hisagi plays an active role in FKT battle.

11. Not sure about this part, but kubo says some of the dead characters(for example: nnoitra) doesn't have the " feeling of death" ..so he was wondering how is he gonna arrange those dead characters that doesn't feel like he/she's already dead.....
(eh? Please revive Starrk, kubo sensei!!!!!!!)
to quote my explanation for this part:
Quote Originally Posted by czeliate View Post
the quote in blue is my comment...~its what I wish kubo reviving starrk..
but I doubt he's gonna do that... ~ still..I have abit of hopes.
he never mentioned "revive"..he only say how is he gonna "arrange" them~remember they're dead..so the chances of them to reappear in the future story is 0.
so he might break the "0"...
for example :
Barragan talks about espada death theme --> involves dead espada.
starrk's flashback when he remembers his team-> involves dead espada..
voala! Kubo has broke the "0" appearances.
other possibilities could be...
maybe he'll let all the espada to be mayuri's test experiment..maybe he'll let one of the captains to talk about the espada..
12. Lastly, Kubo doesn't hate any characters, even if the character is extremely evil

I think thats it.. I guess~~~
woohoo..excited about unohana's true faceXD.

The original post and the resulting controversy over the possible return of dead Espada in the Bleach Asylum thread here. Have fun, folks!
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