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No confirmation of Orihime in Movie 4 trailer

LOL. Okaaay, as those of you who were following fandom for info about the Bleach movie 4 know, there's been this insistent spammer on bleachness and other sites with "proof" that Orihime is indeed going to be in the movie. No one ever really doubted him, but the persistent rule breaking and multiple accounts of Spammer-san caused him to be banned here and there (he became only the second person in this community's history to be banned). You'll remember from this post that I told Spammer-san that I only post double-confirmed info here, but I let a comment from him with a source from this blogger who had seen the trailer stand because Spammer-san just wouldn't leave us alone. The information he spread eventually became gospel.

Well, it's been recanted by the blogger he was quoting:


The blogger has corrected her information; the person she saw in the trailer was YUZU, she said, not Orihime. She saw the Naruto movie again and subsequently saw the Bleach Movie 4 trailer again and noticed this time that who she thought was Orihime was indeed Yuzu. I find this curious, but apparently some seasoned Bleach fans elsewhere in Western fandom were also mistaking Yuzu for Orihime in the Movie 4 ad.

For the record, I find it highly unlikely that Orihime is NOT going to appear in this Bleach movie but here's a great example of what happens when a little bit of unverified info takes off running and gets established as fact. I'm sure we'll see the full trailer eventually on the movie website. Patience is a virtue, people.
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