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I'm so happy when people draw me stuff. Really, it's better than getting free money.

edge_chan  did this one based on my "Something for You" Gin/Ran. I miss those two. I need to go back to them (like I don't have another zillion things I want to do)

Also I drew something that wasn't completely horrible (as my stuff's been for a few days now). In any event, I liked drawing it because ... I just love them and Hime's been so sad lately.

That's it for tonight. I've got a ton o' bleachness stuff coming up. I doing that mad writing thing again.
Recent requests already started: Ryuuken/wife fic, IchiRuki romance, IchiIshi AU, Ryuuken and Ishida fic

I never used to understand how people wrote on more than one fic at a time, but i'm doing it now. Took me a couple years but I warmed up to multitasking fic.
Tags: fanart, ginran, he makes her happy
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