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Masked Translations! Tidbits! Infos! Ran's Vol 46 poem!


Tons of poorly organized but fun tidbits below the cut!

Masked came out today as did Volume 46 and info has been coming out hard and fast. I’ve barely been able to keep up with it. Just got back from a doctor’s appt with my daughter and will post what I have. There’s more to glean from MSN convos I was having with translators, but for the moment, here are some highlights. Info continues to come out on the Masked thread at Bleach Asylum. The most sincere thanks to Space for scans and to czeliate and others who are translating and organizing info.

First, it was Rangiku’s poem from Volume 46 that made me wibble. This is the translation by sketchbaka  (thank you Dian!):

It is not terrifying to know sorrow.
Terrifying is to know you can't go back to happiness you could have.

Ouch, ouch, ouch! My GinRan heart just goes ouuuuuch! But that's the way it's always liked its GinRan sooo.... not complaining. Oy the angst!

Movie trailer from A&A television show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-SDOUx94mo&feature=player_embedded
More info about the trailer here, as its believed to be the one that actually aired at the Naruto premiere, is here

Translated by pikeish :

Some translated tidbits from Bleach Databook 02: MASKED

From Kubo sama's interview:

Q: (...We do not know where Zommari's rank number is located. What about it?)
A: I didn't think of it (laugh). I only think of it when the character will show his/her rank number (laugh)

Q: "Like the part where Ulquiorra showed his rank number?"
A: "I was thinking of the best place to put (the rank number) according to the scene, and if that place is right for that character. I've imagined it according to the last part of volume 27's poem: "The 5th lies in where the heart is" <- this part, and the fact that Ulquiorra's number is in where his heart is. Though I have forgotten on which I decided on first.

My UlquiHime shipper self hyperventilated at this news. I barely made it to my daughter's doctor's office without requesting oxygen and an IV bag of tranquilizers! I've ALWAYS wanted info about that poem directly from the poet's mouth. Ulqui's heart and Orihime's poem are connected! Not giving up on my Quincy Five yet but I've squeed soooo much today I've lost my voice.



PROTECTION : "Ichigo, who was rescued by his mom, and Rukia who also rescued him and his family. The root of why he fights is originated from the thought "I will protect my nakama"

Interesting that Morita-kun was speaking about just this Memories in Rain stuff at AX recently, that this made Ichigo who Ichigo was.

(The part where he is seen carrying Orihime)
"Carrying Orihime, Ichigo heads of Sado's rescue. He will never desert a nakama. No matter how deep his wounds are"

(The part where he's fighting Grimmjow)
"Who Ichigo fights is, Grimmjow, who tore through Rukia in one blow"

Soooo, Ichigo's motivation for fighting Grimmjow was....?


"She is better at Kidou than Sword manipulation, during her times at the Shinourenjyutsuin her grades were excellent. As shown by those grades, she could skillfully use kidou without the chanting, as well as the double chanting."

"The reason Byakuya protects Rukia, is because of the last wishes of his deceased wife, Hisana, Rukia's real older sister"

Profile data:

Class: (unseated) officer
Birthday: January 14
Height: 144cm
Weight: 33kg
Sword: Sode no Shirayuki
Release command: "Mae, Sode no Shirayuki"
Bankai: Unknown
Hobby: To climb up high places
Likes cucumber and shiratama
Dislikes none

I love the fact that Rukia dislikes no food. My daughter Sophie doesn't either! She's a pistol too!

Page 2:

Purpose of Battle:

(From left)
"The reason I am here right now if because of you guys taking care of me/thinking of me" says Rukia, cheering up Orihime from the bottom of her heart.

("Aren't we nakama scene")
Even while thinking of such nonesense, for Ichigo "Don't you believe in your nakama..." was once again admonished and pointed out by Rukia"

2nd row:

"I've remembered.. where the heart existed"

"The heart is in here" - Kaien
"For what are we here for?" he said to Rukia who was ridden by uneasiness, Kaien coveys what is precious.

The pictures are GORGEOUS. You WILL want to hold this book in your hands. You can order from here. AmazonJp ships internationally, and I've dealt with them before and they're fast and reliable.  Now some more random info:

Official names never before written in romanji:

Yammy LLargo
Wondreweiss Margela
Loly Aivirrne
Menoly Mallia
Nel Tu
Pesche Guatiche
Dondochakka Birstanne
Ciricci Sanderwicci
Zommari Rureaux

New names of the Gotei:

7th Division vice-captain: Kobbakishin Emon
3d Division vice-captain: Iba Chikane
11th Division captain: Kiganjuu Kenpachi
6th Division vice-captain: Kuchiki Soujun
2d Division vice-captain: Oomaeda Marenoshin

From czeliate:

ok...after having a look on kubo's interview..

I think..regarding TBTP vice captain and captain:
2nd division vice captain is 大前田 希 ノ進 Omaeda Marenoshin (omaeda's father)
3rd division vice captain is 射場千鉄Iba Chikane (Iba's mother)
4th division vice captain is 山田 清之介 Yamada Seinosuke (hanatarou's brother)
6th division vice captain is 朽木 蒼純Kuchiki Soujyun (Byakuya's father)
7th division vice captain is 小椿刃右衛門 Kotsubaki Jinemon (sentarou's father)
11th division captain is 鬼厳城 剣八Kiganjo Kenpachi

I apologies If I've mistranslated their name..

yeah..so much of families relationship ~
as expected,
out of this book...the unknown VC and captain of TBTP interest me the most~
others were kinda..

yes, the actual translation is syunsui.. XD~just like kira, the actual translation of"Izuru" is actually "IDURU"
not surprising though..I already knew it since SS arc..

Haha, THIS SYUNSUI will take some getting used to, although I'd already starting spelling Shui Feng the Chinese way since I saw it written that way on Kubo-sensei's acrylic dinner table! 

*stares at pics above* I don't see what you gals are going on and on about the Kuchiki Papa... Oomaeda's dad is clearly the studmuffin of the lot!

Arrancar Birthdays (compiled by hinodeh )

Ulq: 1. December
GJ: 31. July
Nnoitra: 11. November
Tesla: 13. May
Neliel: 24. April
Yammy: 3. April
Luppi: 5. June
Pesche: 25. May
Dondochaka: 30. June
Loly: 27. January
Menoly: 7. December
Cirucci: 27. February
Dordoni:28. August
Zommari: 13. October
Aaroniero: 23. April
D.Roy: 19. June
Shawlong: 4. November
Edorad: 25. August
Yilfordt: 22. June
Nakeem: 3. August
WW: 6. July
Iceringer:23 November
Demora: 27. July
Szayel: 22. June
Gantenbein: 21. September

(Yays, I share a birthday with Kenpachi and now I share Scorpionic brotherhood with Ishida and Shawlong and Nnoi!)

I was on MSN with lots of fandom people today meanwhile trying to juggle RL and I know that Nacchan translated something from Kubo’s interview about Ulquiorra being the first Arrancar imagined and created. Mezzo has Ishida’s pages and Ryuuken’s pages to translate for me and eventually all the good parts will come out. Patience is a virtue, but I know some of you wanted what there was to be had asap. I’m in hog heaven here.  Just for the record let me post some of my first reactions to the scans that were in an earlier f-locked post because I find my fangirlishness really hilarious:


DAMNNNN, I accidentally erased my file before saving it and have to reload again. ---_____--- But while I was browsing... OMG, SUCH GOODIES. My Ishidaaaa got the title "Dignity" <333 Renji got "Desperate?" LOL. Orihime got "Reject"... um, that's a little questionable. I hope that's not meant to have a double poetic meaning but knowing Kubo....Hmm, Rukia gets "Belief" while Orihime gets "Reject?" I like how Ichigo got "Protection" and Ulqui got "Cruel" but those roles were ironic in the Lust arc.... speaking of LUST ARC, it's not in the book!

I love how Rose's vice's outline LOOKED SO MUCH LIKE ISSHIN in the ads but... DAYUM... SO FUNNY... IBA'S GRANDMA? (eta--it's Iba's mom--I got my info wrong)

No lust arc in the book? LOL, okay, that settles down a good portion of the fandom that was anticipating wank.

I'm practicing zen patience and just looking at the pretty pics. RYUUKEN STATS! Oh such pretty pics. I need to hold this book in my hands though.

HOMAN, this is just awesome.

omfg eny omfg, the info is just coming out and I have to take my daughter to the doctor.... the Ran poem is out tooooo. OMFG, this is all too much. GAH! <3

and then I started to calm down when talking about Orihime’s title:


She doesn't turn back time. Essentially what she does is REJECT reality. Aizen explained it. So that's why it's an interesting comparison with Rukia's "Belief" title.

Maybe it's just me. I think Kubo likes to play with parallels.

I think Orihime's reality rejection is both an asset and a burden/flaw.


I’m sure I’ll have tons more to say as more info comes out but in the meantime, bless you Spacecat and thank you Sensei, this has been a really fun fandom day! *blows kisses* Oh, and my little girl did swell and was very brave getting her vaccinations and all her check up stuff at the doctor today!


I'll update this post as I get more infos.


from lennan : In the book there's a 101 years ago/Present day Shinji/Hiyori comic. Because it killed me ded, I'll translate it.
Shinji, you're such a girl. XDDD:

101 years ago Shinji: Aaaah. Getting back to work after a long time [of not working] is so tiring.
Hiyori [with a suspiciously Rukia-like expression]: Hey! Baldy Shinji! Aren't you going to the with all of us to the Karaoke bar? It can't be helped, but we'll even let you sing! C'mon!
Shinji: Nooooo waaaay. I'm going to go for my "treatment"* and sleeping. And I also don't want to hear your mating gorilla singing voice.

Present day: Shinji [as vain as ever]: Definitely, the me a hundred years ago was cooler...maybe I should grow my hair long again.
Hiyori: DON'T . Secretly, I aaaaalways thought that it never looked good on you.
Shinji: What?!

*TN: meaning like you know a manicure, getting his hair done, etc. can't think of an equivalent that's not specific. Spa?? Facial?? Massage?? I don't know. BRB, loling forever.

from nomoreprinces : Chapter doodles from Vol 46 I cleaned up the chapter doodles from space's scan of vol46 and then put them all on one page.


from jkid712

Soujun had a weak body and couldn't do much, but because of Ginrei and the Kuchiki family he thought he had to take not fail them. Like father like son. They're both obedient and both hold so much pride. But I can't help but feel sorry for Soujun-kun.

I'll be working on the other pages that I can see now. And to let every else know, although you may know this, from most of the profiles I've seen such as Hinamori's, Ichigo's, etc, it says stuff we already know. I haven't seen Ulquiorra's or Grimmjow's so maybe I'm not right, but from the other's I've read, it was a waste of paper. Big disappointment. But the new characters and interview was quite worth it.

(from interview)
The Third Division member called Chikane Iba (Iba Chikane), is Iba's mother?
久保:お母さんです。『極妻』(ごくつま)みたいなイイメージで描きました。射場のお母さんだから広島弁だ し。だからその時の三番隊はローズが新任で入ってきたのを、結構ローズは気弱というか、あまり自分でやらな いタイプだから、ケツ蹴ってやらせるのが、ちかねでっていう。ずっと恐られっぱなし感じ(笑) 。
Kubo: It's his mother. I drew a *Gokutsuma type of image. A Hiroshima dialect since it's Iba's mother. So Rose entered that Third division at the time as a newcomer, and since the nice Rose as I should say is timid and not really the type of guy to do anything, Chikane would be the one to kick his ass.
でも、この頃の三番隊っていうのは、ギンが隊長の頃の三番隊と若干性格が違うでしょうか?三番隊の矜持(き ょうじ)は、”絶望”ですが...。
But this Third Squad around this time is different from when Gin was the captain isn't it? But the Third Squad's dignity is "despair."
久保:きっと、ローズにもそういう一面があるんです。ギンは、三番隊の矜持である”絶望”を、今までの隊長 の中で一番差している隊長かもしらないですね。最も、三番隊らしい隊長というか。
Kubo: Surely you can say the same for Rose as well. Gin may be the best captain up until now that represents the Third Squad's dignity "despair." I'd say he's more like the Third Squad.
That's right, when Gin came in suddenly the atmosphere changed.
Kubo: It became a dangerous atmosphere (laughs).

*This one was also annoying. Byakuya's dad was easier.

In the interview, Kubo used the term Gokutsuma (極妻). I don't know what/who it is. I was surprised for Kubo to use the word けつ. I really does mean "ass!" On top of that, it was written in katakana which in this case adds emphasis or swearing. Amazing to me because the Japanese don't really use terms like this because their so polite (they're so obsessed about favors and all that that you can't mention you helping them).
ずっと恐られっぱなし感じ(笑)。I didn't translate this. I didn't know what the subject is.
I skipped some words when translating like when Kubo was explaning Gin and the Third Division. Doing a translations one thing, but making it into English is harder (sorry for saying this twice). 最も、三番隊らしい隊長というか。What I meant to say while translating this is that Gin is very fitting to be the captain of the Third Squad. That's the impretion I get when I read this.

I'm translating Hanatarou's brother next and a little bit about the other characters when I wake up in a few hours. Now just something quick.

あと、曳舟(ひきふね)の属する零番隊っていうのは*王属特務何ですよね?その王属特務は、今後出てきます か?
Q: Later, the zero division Hikifune went under is the royal guard isn't it? Hereafter, will that royal guard appear?
Kubo: It's plans to appear.

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