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Bleach Movie 4 Pamphlet Scanned and Translated

Yesterday, at the premiere of the Naruto movie, a trailer for the Bleach 4 movie premiered and pamphlets about it were given out. Thank you to escarboucle  of the BA IchiRuki FanClub for securing this scan of this pamphlet and the translation from poppy_moon /Ku. You can see the scans at this post at the IR FC HERE. (keep clicking to enlarge and you'll see Rukia being stabbed O_O)

Executive Producer: Kubo Tite
"I have participated in this movie from the project & the scenario. I have strong feelings for this movie. I think that It becomes the splendid movie which is good for the tenth anniversary. Please look forward to."

It is decided by full-scale cooperation of Mr.Kubo that the stage of this time movie is HELL.
HELL is not drawn in the original.
There was the unimaginable dreadful world of SHINIGAMI.

"HELL"――. there is the place where the person who violated a big crime in while alive is sent. SHINIGAMI is forbidden to be involved there.
Brutal prisoners kept there (TOGABITO 咎人) caused a revolt.
They aimed at the KARAKURA-town where Ichigo and his friends live in.
Ichigo and his friends are done in one after another by prisoners with overwhelming power.
It was a mystery man "KOKUTOH (黒 刀刂)" to have saved such them.
Ichigo with Rukia ,Uryuu ,Renji,and Kokutoh marches into the hell to save the world.
Now endless desperate struggle between Ichigo and his friends with the TOGABITO broke out!

screenwriter: Takahashi Natsuko (高橋 ナツコ) and Ookubo Masahiro (大久保 昌弘)
this screenwriters same as "Fade to Black".

eta: anon comments to this post are automatically screened. Please do not spam this post with GOOGLE translations from 2ch. I expect better from
[info]bleachness . I'll post reliable information about the CM when I have it.

ooh, also HQ scans of Bya Rukia Renji movie ticket posters from poppy_moon at this post here.
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