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How To Kill Szayel (and a link to Jenni's Orihime analysis)

I think I've figured out a way for Renji and Ishida to escape---they have to somehow CUT OFF SZAYEL'S HEAD! That way he can't eat any one of his fraccions to restore himself. Doesn't it seem like his chapter cover drawing might refer to that?

Cut off his head. Renji could catch him by surprise with Zabimaru. Or ... Renji and Ishida could just get the hell out of dodge while Szayel is getting dressed (I'm really looking forward to his new outfit). I prefer the escaping solution because 1) I don't want Szayel my wonderful gay villain to die and 2) I want the arc to move it, move it--how long has Renji been with this guy anyway?

Oh, and this week. I predict Grimmjow is so NOT dead.

A discussion about Orihime's odd behavior here at metaphore_art's LJ.  Caution: there's some Hime hatred there. I love all the people who hate Hime, though. Imagine that. And I agree with a lot of Jenni's assessment except for a few fine points. I could get into semantics over use of the word "selfish" but Orihime has been locked inside her own fear and insecurity for a while.

Two stories coming up from me. I may post tomorrow. Both are ... strange, take place during the manga timeline and involve the deaths of two favorite characters and sex with a corpse. Yes, I don't know what's gotten into me. Szayel-baby's influence, I guess.
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