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Bleach Movie 4 ticket images, other infos

Some Weekend News for y'all.
Latest thing on the Bleach merchandise front! On August 4, these spiffy limited edition Bleach cameras go on sale! 29800 yen each. Check out the ad here: http://bleach-ex.com/  (Chad and Orihime are conspicuously missing from the bunch of characters advertising those cameras there, hmmmm).

The CM of the 4th movie came out in theatres before the Naruto movie on July 30th. Sensei was tweeting with Kudo-san that the CM will also be featured on television and has Kubo in it (this Kubo-sensei was not aware of, LOL). There was a pamphlet given out in the theatres yesterday with info about the movie and people are blogging about it now, but I'm waiting on a copy of the pamphlet to verify the information before posting it here. *is sadistic like Sensei* I'm personally delighted with the tidbits I'm hearing. Thank you to Annie and Syn for being the info scouts as always. XD

Below the cut are some pics of the advance ticket posters from those lucky enough to purchase them. The advance tickets are all sold out by the way.

Other goodies to look forward to: The Masked character book comes out on Aug. 4. Here's an ad:

Rukia and Ishida are mentioned on that Ichigo page but I can't figure out why.

Next week there will be a chapter (and yet another cliffie?!!)  but the week after that there's no chapter but the Masked book and the rest of the August goodies should give us plenty to talk about.

Next week in WSJ there will be a spread by Kawashita Mizuki (Ichigo 100%) of Jump heroines. She’s a shoujo-style manga-ka so people are expecting she’ll be drawing Orihime. Also, here’s a cute game to be featured on Jump site soon.

Translation by mezzo_marinaio  :


The grand garden opening of Jump Wonderland

Jヒーローが大集結した、Jワンダーランドが遂に開園!色んな所でJヒーローがキミを待っているぞ!しかも今回、大人気のチョッパーを見つけた ら、「Jキャラ特製Tシャツ」が抽選で当たるらしい!Jヒーローの台詞をよく読んで、チョッパーだけを見つけてくれよな!ただし、他のJキャラもいるか ら、気をつけるんだぞ!

Finally, the garden opening of Jump Wonderland - which gathers together all of Jump's heroes! The heroes will be waiting for you in various places! Furthermore, it seems like this time - among the ones who can find the popular Chopper - a special made T-shirt of the Jump character will be awarded as a prize through a lottery! Read carefully the lines said by Jump heroes and find only Chopper! But pay close attention, because other Jump characters will also be appearing!

What Rukia is saying:


"Since we're talking about Chopper-dono, I've already bought some cotton candy at the shop!"

What Ichigo is saying:


"That damn Kon! He went to chase after Rukia!"

Also, in Twitter cuteness from Kubo-sensei: Yesterday, a fan who bought a puppy asked Sensei for a name that began by "F" because it's the year of "F" and he replied "Fellatio" in English. Note to the wise: Never ask Kubo-sensei to name your pet!

ETA: we have a confirmation of the pamphlet info from enough sources to post--no scan yet (hope to have that tomorrow). The translation from 2ch by nacchan (and thank you again to Annie and Syn of the IchiRuki FC at BA for the scoop):


It seems that Rukia is going to be stabbed again in this movie
it's written in the pamphlet
I've got the advanced pamphlet
like 941 said, there's a picture cut of Rukia stabbed from behind by unknown man

same as the 3rd movie it's written by Natsuko and Okubo
the story is about some atrocious villain rebel from hell that'll attack Karakura town
the one who has to be saved called 「黒刀(Kokutoo)」(he has something to do with sword?)
Ichigo-san in order to protect the living world, together with Rukia, Ishida, Renji and Kokuto will raid the hell world
seeing from the movie PV the living world member who will be active in this movie might be only Ishida
it's also the first time they include a living world member as an active character in battle.

there's not much written about the other characters..
all characters are fighting against the hell guards or something like that, but
only Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida and Renji passed through

me: Ishidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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