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Website update

Hey guys. I need a new name for my website, http://www.debbiechan.com/ Or rather, a real name for it. Any ideas? At the moment I have “Where IshiHime Happens” as a byline for the entrance page, but my sister (chatachan) and others think that’s not representative of my stuff. I’ve got so much more there.

Anyways, my sister and I finally got around to updating the site this summer.

Don’t miss the pretty new arts like this one by pikeish  in my artfordeb section. I’m very much behind in even getting to my sister the high resolution copies of the many many wonderful arts my many many wonderful friends in fandom have given me, so please don’t worry if you don’t see your art up yet. I want to eventually put up all the arts from the bleachness birthday contests I hold as well as the many drabbles and short fics people have dedicated to me over the years. I hold onto copies of these works and they’re what makes fandom all cuddly-warm for me when forum squabbles are working my nerves.

Still have to tweak things here and there and make corrections so if you catch missing links and mistakes on the site, please point them out. Also, since bleachness was originally my writing journal before it became this big ole LJ fansite and I was in the process of moving some of my old fanfics here before that happened, I may be doing that again over the next few weeks—reuploading old fic onto here. Some of my old fic makes me go eww but some of it holds up pretty well; I’m such a better fic writer than I am a drawer or essayist or community mod or even general Bleach spazz so maybe soon I’ll rec some of my old fics for those of you new to the comm.

I haven’t had time to write as much as I used to, but I hope I will find the time when one of my homeschooled special needs kids enters public school this coming fall—ahhh! So many Bleach fics that have been sitting on back burners for so long—I hope the pots and contents haven’t all burned up!

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