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Bleach 413 is up

Bleach 413 is up at MangaStream.

REMINDER: Do NOT Tweet to Kubo about this chapter, or use avatars from this chapter's art to Tweet to him, until Monday. THIS INCLUDES the "MASKED" character book cover and content.

Ehhh. Only one page of Ichigo... and it's like a repeat of the previous chapter's. >_>;

Mizuirooooooooooo. Oh, you adorable kid. I really liked his no-nonsense attitude on how to survive. It's endearing. His facial expressions in this chapter are priceless. I see why they were called kinda scary. He's very straight-forward in his approach. It's a lot of fun and very admirable.

Tatsuki learning about Mizuiro's womanizing ways, and Keigo being all "see! see!" == hilarious.

Poor Chizuru. She's in the dark and confused - all she wants is an explanation, even if she can't quite understand it. Her reaction reminds me of how Tatsuki-tachi felt when Ichigo distanced himself from them. You can see their hesitation in telling her - but perhaps that's because, as Tatsuki said, they themselves don't know enough about what's going on to fully explain, or maybe it's that this is such Deep Shit, it's hard to unload on a person. It IS a difficult situation to explain, plus they're being stalked by Butterfly!Aizen.

... I hope Butterfly!Aizen didn't just flash them.

Mizuiroooo <3333 So cute. *dies* "So it's useless after all."

Holy crap. KEIGO. KEIGO. You are so wonderful. You're up against an unknown enemy who you know can pulverize you, you've had no training at all to fight this sort of thing, and you're standing there with a borrowed sword to protect your friends. Wow. And Mizuiro's face, screaming for Keigo. <333 And Tatsuki's. <3

Afro-san appears! And we get his shikai (lolwhut). And then they run. :x *amused*

Gin's face at the end of the chapter is so odd. What's he feeling? And Aizen's expression, too... Hrm.
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