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More Morita-kun at AX 2010! Panel videos

I have such a crush on Morita-kun. Videos have been posted from a fan question/answer at the Anime Expo in LA earlier this month. The Q/A seemed pretty relaxed and open and questions were apparently not screened beforehand; people lined up and were asked to make their questions Bleach-related and not anything offensive.

There were  lots of "what were your favorite ---?" questions and Morita answered that his favorite part in Bleach was when he went ban kai for the first time and that his favorite episode was the Memories in the Rain one. He said it is the origin of who Ichigo is today, that it made Ichigo realize who is important to him and that Morita still thinks of it while working on Bleach today. So there you have it, IchiRuki fans (and go forth and discuss among yourselves but behave ye shippers--I'm out at a picnic today and listen trolls, I don't even care if you get us on Fandom_Wank again--that place is beyond boring these days--it's former Roman colosseum glory gory days are over).

Early on, a fan asks what was his favorite thing Rukia said to Ichigo, but Morita misunderstood the question and the translator misinterpreted. Morita answered that his favorite thing was "I will save you" which is obviously what Ichigo said to Rukia, not vice versa. Morita's favorite line: "I swear to my soul!" The scene Morita thought the funniest was when Kon was tied to the toilet and also when Rukia drew the mustache on Ichigo in episode one (the translator didn't seem to understand how to say this so Morita acted out the bit and drew the mustache on himself with his fingers in the vid--so cute).

He's quite a crowd pleaser, Morita. He said he always works his hardest on Ichigo. He said that once voicing Ichigo, he strained his throat so hard it bled so "I make Bleach with my own blood." He mentioned that the a.c. is not allowed to run during recording because the recorder picks up the sound so he asked fans with money to donate a cooling system to their studio.

Part three (Morita appears near the end)

Part four

Part five

Part six

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