Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X (skilly_n_duff) wrote in bleachness,
Lady Camille Catherine Cecily Lloyd-George X

Guess who?

Seriously.  Guess who it is under the spoiler tag.

Full size on DA:

Quanto Bello Siete da Luce Della Granata

"How beautiful you look by light of grenade."

A piece for my friend Jared, currently a missionary in Italy. (He's not going to BELIEVE what's happened in Bleach while he's been gone!) 

I do not like Mayuri.  I really hope the two remaining Quincies get to take him down.  But, I'll talk more about that when I post the inevitable Quicny portraits.

The current Bleach queue!
(in no particular order)
((titles subject to change))
(((and I'll probably get sidetracked by something Byakuya)))

Solo Portraits

Gin: In the Way
Rangiku: Remainder, Reminder
Rukia: Ray of Light
Don Kanonji: This is my HERO face!
Reuken: What Must be Done


IchiRuki: Without Words
IshiHime: We Are as Angels
GinRan: I can't resist


Renji x Tatsuki
Ikkaku x Nemu
Chad x Nel 

I'm not going to keep up this breakneck pace.  Hopefully I can shoot for one of these a week.  Deb, do you want me to keep posting to the comm?  Or would that be too spammy?  I could just put them on my personal LJ instead.
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