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Warm Memories of Bleach Filler

The Bleach filler is drawing to a close as I type this. No one is shedding tears over this because to Bleach fans, the filler did not happen, the filler did not happen. Nevertheless, I shall miss Yoshino. She was the best thing in what I called the Ishida-Gets-Laid mini-arc in the filler. I mean, remember this look right after his first encounter with her:

Has he ever looked this relaxed?

But hey, my fics about Ishida being deflowered inspired one of quaedam 's loveliest pics (I saw her talent first, everyone--I was the first person to add her to my Deviant Art account!) and a lingerie picture from me:

   Do You Have the Time by Quaedam

Yoshino by me

The Ishida-Gets-Laid mini-arc also inspired this trilogy of fics from me. All were written hours after key episodes aired and are ... well, not my best.
But some people loved them.  Warnings for SENTIMENTALITY and smut:

Yoshino Takes the Time       More Time         One Last Time, Proud Quincy

I'll miss her. I really will. Farewell Yoshino!
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