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Bleach 412 is Out

Bleach 412 is out at MangaStream.

REMINDER: Do NOT Tweet to Kubo about this chapter, or use avatars from this chapter's art to Tweet to him, until Monday.

Ahahaha, Rangiku put Don Kanonji in his place. So violent! Don Kanonji has to be chased off by her.

More Tatsuki->Ichigo vibes with Tatsuki noting how gorgeous Matsumoto is and Tatsuki annoyed that Ichigo never told her about his beautiful friend.

Aizen indulges Gin's whims and calls him a "funny kid."

Ahhh. Rangiku/Gin~~! Rangiku brings up Kira, but Gin's not happy with that - he seems to understand that she is speaking for herself, rather than Kira. Hmm. What a strange confrontation. I don't know quite what to make of it. Gin's so... Gin. We can never tell what he's thinking, even here. And then he stabs her? Apparently, as there's blood on her, but that it wasn't shown... Who knows. I'm still not sure on who was grabbing the necklace, but I think it was Gin.

KEIGO! You sweet boy. You found Mizuiro, and then you came back with the afro shinigami's sword, despite not knowing kendo or anything. :D He wants to protect his friends this time. <3

Ichigooooooooooo. Man. We only see him dripping blood, and Isshin saying "still?" It must've been a while...

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