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5 years ago, I read Bleach for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the hero. As I continued on, I found a deep connection with Rukia. During the bridge scene, I knew without a doubt that IchiRuki was my OTP.

But it was the revelation of Aizen's betrayal that convinced me Bleach was the best story I have ever read. 

I don't cheer for villains.  Ever.  I don't even cheer for anti-heroes! (Batman, Jack Bauer, I feel no pity for you)  When watching Pirates of the Carribean I root for James Norrington from start to finish.  Will and Jack are precious I suppose, but I like my men with a little more honor.

And I don't know how Kubo does it but at the end of EVERY major fight I fall in love with the Bleach Baddies. For example: Renji started out as a violent-prone freak I despised and now ranks in my top five, just under Ichigo and Byakuya.  BYAKUYA! He went from being "scum of the earth" to "OMG, HE's MY FAVORITE!"  I still dislike most of the Arrancar (and I'm mad at Kubo for making me care about Ulquiorra right there at the end).    I loved "Aizen Taicho" from the first moment I saw him.  When he was killed WITHIN ONE BOOK I was as heartbroken as Hinamori.  Then Aizen came back.  And he ran her through.  O_o

And here's the weird part--I don't like Aizen.  His 'holier then thou' has gone on long enough and I can't wait to see Ichigo pound him into the ground. But I still love reading about him.

He makes Evil look Good. 

Full size image on my DA.
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