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Deicide poll/ fandom recs/Reassure me Gin Won't Die

I was wandering around fandom this weekend and made a stop at Naruto Forums (ah, I do love that place--the best as well as the worst thing about it is how loosely its modded so there's a lot of crazy but there are so many shimmeringly entertaining discussions... and kudos to that wonderful board for calling Yammy the Zero Espada ages before the canon reveal) and came across this lovely post and thread. I was all oh no, man, you're so not stretching--this is what I've always thought about the Deicide title! Eh, anyway, a poll.

Poll #1590970 Deicide MEANS

The Deicide chapters are called that because.... (you decide--pick as many options as you want)

Gin is going to backstab Aizen the deity
Aizen's mission to kill the Spirit King and/or Death Gods in general
Ichigo's attempt to kill his inner King or Vice Versa
Kubo wanted to tease you into thinking he was throwing some Engrish at you and ha then you discover the subtle poetry and get a migraine trying to predict the plot based on the arc title
It's just the name of a metal band and you know how Kubo likes to rock
Recs: I just read a luminous short piece about Orihime thinking about Ulquiorra's death by the ever brilliant incandescens --it's PG and just a lovely vignette. "I shall not fail that rendezvous." There's a 30 days fandom meme going around and one of the best Bleach writers doing it is karenai . Just check out her Character You'd Like to Go Shopping With and other entries. They're so entertaining. Oh, and if you happen to be a member of y!gal and an Ishida fan who happens to like the yaoi and who doesn't mind the Quincest ... or even if you do, you MAY BE CONVERTED BY a new animation art by the stunning Eneada. Seriously, you don't want to miss this if you're an Ishida perv like me.

Hey, informal poll. I'm still terrified that Gin is gonna die. I don't even want to vote. Anyone care to reassure me that he's not?
Tags: gin, ichigo, ishida, poll, quincest, renji, ulquihime
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