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HM Orihime's Failures and Faults. Selfish or Heroic?

Since Orihime's character development is the hottest topic to talk about and I didn't get to answer some people's questions, I wrote an essay. There's many arguments I want to get over with, so many excuses that I want to prove wrong. Please read as I show you hard cold evidence of  HM Orihime's failures and passivity, along with different parallels Tite Kubo has shown us included.

Orihime going to HM
It is not a valid argument that Orihime went to HM to protect her friends or just because she wanted to be saved. We don't know unless she says it herself. Now don't think I'm claiming she went to HM because of jealousy, because I agree she went to protect her friends. Though, there has been many types of evidence that she had some subconcious desire to get saved. Looking at her actions of prioritizing Ichigo and passivity, it seems to get questioned a lot. Was it because she's jealous of Rukia and how much attention she gets from Ichigo? No one knows.
I'm russian and my grammar is a little bit off, sorry if you don't understand some points I'm trying to make.

When Orihime found out her friends came to save her, she was happy.

She said "Thank you Kurosaki-kun..for coming to save me."
What about the rest of her friends? Did she thank them for coming after her also? No. Only Ichigo...

Wow, Not even a thank you to Ishida, she hasn't said one thing to him for coming to save her.

Orihime did want to be saved. Or more or less, she wanted to be seen and grab Ichigo's attention. She runs to him, saying she's going to heal him, and soon finds out his attention is on Nel instead. Even Tesla is more proactive to protect his Nnoitra-sama

Of course her reaction is sad because she is again not seen by Ichigo.

Oh No, She totally did not see Nel get kicked unconscious. Instead, she runs to go heal Kurosaki-kun first. Look at her reaction when he tells her to heal Nel before him.

Orihime's will to protect/perseverance
Oh so many excuses have been made about Orihime being young, human and helpless because her fairies aren't strong enough. I will NOT praise her for standing around while Ichigo gets sliced into slabs of meat. Even if Nnoitra or Tesla are trapping her, Orihime has the ability to summon her fairies with brainpowah!. Instead, she will watch as Ichigo gets beaten up and not try one thing to protect her FLOL. Orihime's will to protect makes her powers stronger, as her fairies have said.

Hold on, What the fuck? You care more about your fairies safety than Ichigo's? Can you at least try to help him out while you're being the Damsel in Distress?  I would call it cowardly.

Another excuse for this situation is "But she cares about her fairies safety so she can use them to heal later."
The point is that Orihime is human. Whenever you see someone you love die in front of you, you automatically start to blame yourself and ask "What if I did this, what if I did that?" If Ichigo died in front of Orihime because she didn't try to protect him with her fairies due to her worry about their safety, I think she would start to blame herself. It's like saying "I won't use my gun because I only have 1 bullet left to protect myself", It's putting your weapons safety before your friend's life. 

Great job at making Ichigo feel even more down when he just took rockets at his back for you, still no cheering on, shields, or even "are you okay?!" from her. She just gave him the look and stood standing her ass there, one thing she had no trouble accomplishing.

Baby Nel acknowledges that Ichigo is INDEED getting beaten up, and Orihime still does nothing but stand and watch.

Baby Nel has to snap some sense into Orihime and tell her to cheer for Ichigo.

Please look and see how Orihime passively watches Ulquiorra try to get a head shot at Ichigo. She still does NOTHING.

Even Ulqui had to ask why she took so long to put a shield up and protect Ichigo. Instead, she asks "why?" and gives no clear answer, then goes on blubbering when she's trying to find an excuse.

Don't give me that "Because Ichigo told her to back off" crap. Did Tesla listen to Nnoitra when he said to not interfere and keep the girl hostage? No. Nothing stopped Tesla from going to protect Nnoitra, he most likely knew Nnoitra would punish him for that. Though, Tesla deeply cares for his Nnoitra sama and would do anything to keep him safe.

***What I do not get is...Where the hell did Orihime's will to protect and perseverance she's shown gone? She's done it for Tatsuki.. but not for the man she said she'd dedicate five lifetimes to.

What the normal Orihime would do

Struggle and Kick

Bite as well

She did not do one thing but stand around and watch. No struggle at all when she saw Ichigo getting beaten up.

The Lust Arc Disaster
If you're one of those people that said this arc was great for the characters, then I highly recommend you to go back and read the manga. This is so far the worst I've ever seen a character go down so low. The only thing great in this arc for Orihime was character development, learning from her mistakes and that her co-dependency on Ichigo is unhealthy for her character. Orihime made a vow to protect her friends and not depend on Ichigo anymore. Instead she took two steps back from where she was. Orihime is too over-dependent on Ichigo, she always saw him as a knight in shining armor, a hero complex, or someone who would always win. When she saw him defeated, she broke down and gave up because all her hopes were in this man. That should not stop you from trying your all to protect your friends.

If you truly care about that someone, you would try EVERYTHING you have to protect this one person. Even if it constantly fails, you would keep trying. If all fails, you would protect them with your body.

I don't want to hear "Masaki sacrificed herself because she loved her son". If you said you would dedicate five lifetimes to this person, it should be given the same kind of love.

Even for a stranger, Rukia flinged herself to protect Ichigo.
For a stranger.
What does "FLOL" mean again? Fucking LOL?

"I planned on that, I didn't need you to say anything."
Ishida didn't need anyone to tell him either, Orihime should take advice from her friends.

Once Orihime saw her shield fail, she didn't try again, nor did she use tsubaki. She asked for help(Constant Kurosaki-kun Barrage) soon right after that. The one thing that burns the cornea off my eyes.

Ichigo was in the same desperate situation, if he lost, he failed at protecting his friends, just like Orihime. What did Ichigo do? He still showed the will to fight once he knew what he was up against. He's seen all of his attempts have failed, yet he still keeps on going.

....Orihime did not do that. Nor did she try using Tsubaki or even get in front of Ulqui.
I thought she failed at protecting herself, but succeeded at protecting her friends? Isn't that the popular excuse these days?

She asked for an injured man to help her when he needed help the most. Even though she was capable of helping herself. It is immoral, selfish, and a child's way of asking for help. Shounen adults protect each other, she never tried EVERYTHING. She's shown that she can protect less important people at her all, but she can't do the same for her FLOL?

Better yet, How do you "fall in love" with someone for five lifetimes when you two barely even talk?

There's been excuses of "But Ichigo is dead! Why should she need to protect him if he is?"
Are you serious? What about the dying Ishida with the sword stuck inside his belly? So you're not willing to give your life for a friend that risked their life to come and save yours? That's the most horrible and selfish excuse I've heard.

What the normal Orihime would do

Give back

Go badass and confident when someone hurts her friends. Her will to protect is so strong, that her powers were able to manifest itself.

Rukia/Orihime Rescue Parallel
Since Rukia is always attacked for nothing, I want to protect her and show you what the difference is. The difference between these two rescues is that Orihime most likely WANTED to be saved. If Orihime really wanted to protect her friends and "sacrifice" herself, Wouldn't she tell them to go away and leave her alone so they won't get hurt? No, she didn't do a damn thing. Rukia did not want her friends to go and save her, she wanted to clear it all by herself and was not happy that her friends are in danger because of her.

Rukia was hostile and throwing words at Ichigo to leave her alone and go away. She wanted him to go back home and let her settle it herself. She begs and prays for him to go home, not once did she ask for his help.

Orihime never did tell Ichigo to go away because he's going to get killed. Rukia had to constantly yell at Ichigo to leave because she was worried he would get torn into pieces.

Rukia thought it was her fault that Ichigo's life was twisted around, so she willingly went to S.S. to not only protect him, but do her punishment without Ichigo having to pay the price. Rukia is crying. He's already dying and she wishes for him to not strain himself when she believes she cannot be saved. He would die if he tried. If you do not understand the characters in Bleach, You do not understand Bleach itself.

Tatsuki/Orihime Desperate Situation Parallel

Remember that argument about Orihime being young and human so she can't do anything? Well Kubo just destroyed that argument. Both of them are young and human, Tatsuki on the other hand does not have ANY super human abilities or the power to even move. Orihime had the chance to help herself, Tatsuki did not. Don't go saying "but Tatsuki didn't do anything either!!". She was incapacitated and even dying slowly in the presence of Aizen's reiatsu. If Tatsuki did have the chance to be a badass, she would do something, but she is not even able to help herself. It is normal for a shounen girl to get some huge ass power up that says "You hurt my friends, Now I'mma Kick your ass!". Orihime HAD the chance to do that, but once she saw one shield fail, she gave up and asked for an injured man(not only her FLOL) for help. Tatsuki never did have that chance, she was clearly a mere human in the presence of God.

Rukia put Orihime's safety before hers when she was dragging her trident pierced belly so she can save Orihime. When Rukia was dying herself. It is not an age requirement to go at all costs when protecting your friends. I've heard that "Rukia is 150 years old, so she was experienced" excuse too much.

Don't you dare say Keigo wasn't a hero for running away and leaving Tatsuki. He's been told to not worry about her. He was also carrying Chizuru, of course he would think about her safety before his.

He was even yelled at twice to run when he asked why.

Tatsuki was thinking about someone else's safety before hers. She kept asking constantly what she should do. Instead of asking for someone to help her, like Orihime did to incapacitated Ichigo. Tatsuki told Keigo to run, having to take Aizen by herself.

What other excuses will people bring up to hide Orihime's failures of not doing shit?
She was on her PMS and had a tampon stuck up her ass?

Her flaws and faults should not be covered in blankets of kittens and rainbows. It's time for people to get over the Disney princess Orihime that's drilled in their heads. Her flaws and faults are out in the open and I will talk about it because that is the way Kubo wrote it.

Does it make me less of a fan if I acknowledge her numerous fails and flaws?
No, because we all want Orihime back to her badass normal self before she went to HM. We all want her to overcome her problems.
Doesn't that make me more of her fan? 

I won't say she's selfish, but putting Ichigo before ishida and Nel was pretty damned.

EVERYONE wants SS Orihime back, this post was not made to condemn her more, it was made to answer arguments that have been going on for centuries. Yes, I do believe we should all think about her redeeming for what she has done. She is capable of doing better because she has done it before.  I wish she can move on from whatever is weighing her down or giving her this low self esteem she's showing. I hope Kubo makes her great turn to this.
Though she prioritizes Ichigo a little too much, kind of like putting your love interest before your friends or a stranger. I just think that she should give the same kind of love to everyone, no matter who they are(Nel & Ishida). I know i'm a medical nerd for bringing this up, but  it has always been told to care for  your patient the way you would do for family, love and etc.(sorry for blabbering). I don't think she was heroic in this arc, I wouldn't call her selfish, but human in the worst possible way.

Credits to Adriana for the highlighted "what orihime would do" panels
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