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Bleach 411 is Up!

Bleach 411 is up at MangaStream!

REMINDER: Do not Tweet to Kubo-sensei about this chapter, the color page, or movie 4 information until next Monday! Also, please do not Tweet to Kubo-sensei using images from this chapter!

(Also just a note that Mangastream no longer provides DDLs~)

ETA: Spoilers

Color spread Ichigooooo. So hot, so sad. D: D: *gives Ichigo some cookies*

Ichigo doesn't recognize Shiro!IchiThing. Did you really, truly think your hollow was crushed, Ichigo...?

And Tensa Zangetsu and IchiThing merge into... something else. But they're both his powers, of course, hollow and shinigami, and Ichigo has to accept both of them to regain control and in order to grow.

Poor Tatsuki. I think it's pretty clear she doesn't have any super secret hidden powers like some were speculating. *gives her cookies also, this time for being brave* Even at the end, she's worried about Michiru and then worried for... Don Kanonji.

Don Kanonji. Really, Kubo? Well, at least Kanonji's as flamboyant as always, which makes this seem slightly... less painful somehow. (Also Gins: "..." face.) Calling Aizen an "uneducated boy" and asking if Tatsuki is a demon or a girl? lulz. And then his line on what it means to be a hero... Well, if that's not an indirect reference from Kubo to Ichigo, I don't know what is.

RANGIKU~! <333333333333333333333 Actual Rangiku/Gin confrontation next week, y/y?!?!
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