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Recent Tweets from Kubo

We know how much you guys love them so here goes (translator as always is the lovely mezzo_marinaio )

July 7 (which has come in Tokyo and hasn't arrived in my time zone as I type) is the Tanabata and apparently Kubo received many tweets about it:

@309OHAS: @tite_kubo 先生、こんばんは☆七夕を目前にして少しドキドキしてます w明日は1日、織姫たんの事を考えて過ごします (*´艸`)w
@tite_kubo:昨日辺りからやたら織姫織姫言われるから、織姫の誕生日だったっけと思ってたら、そうか。 七夕か。

@309OHAS: “Sensei, good evening! Tanabata is so close at hand, I’m feeling a little excited! Tomorrow I’ll spend the entire day thinking about Orihime-tan! :3”
@tite_kubo: “Yesterday the people near me kept telling me ‘Orihime, Orihime’ at random, so I was wondering if it was Orihime’s birthday… I see. Tanabata, eh?”

@hikari924: @tite_kubo 7月7日…彦星と織姫…まるでうちらみたいですね先生
@tite_kubo: やかましいわ。

@hikari924: “The 7th of July… Altair and Orihime… sensei, they totally remind me of the two of us – don’t you think so?
@tite_kubo: “You are persistent.”

@mamekong: @tite_kubo 先生!!私の彦星になりませんか!?(●´ε`●) 豆子のココ、あいてますよ♪→┌(゜∀゜)
@tite_kubo: おめーもやかましいわ。

@mamekong: “Sensei! Won’t you become my Altair? :3 We’ll just meet up in here! ♪”
@tite_kubo: “You too, so persistent.”

More Kubo tweets  (Kubo is shy again about posing for photos and mentions Jump article about movie!):

RT @da_rk_moon: 今週のジャンプの柱から推測するに…映画ネタですか!わああい!! RT @tite_kubo: とある企画の為に、写真を撮られました。緊張したー…。
@tite_kubo: 確かに映画ネタは来週載りますが、それとは別のものです。

@tite_kubo: “For the sake of this project, I had some photos of myself taken. I was so nervous…”
@da_rk_moon: “I guess you’re talking about this week’s Jump… a movie article? Yaaaaay!”
@tite_kubo: “If I’m not mistaken, the movie article is set to be published next week… but I’m talking about something different.”

@haitomo0614: @tite_kubo うっすら何ですね、ウォーリーを探せ的に見つけます!!
@tite_kubo: 来週号に写真が載るわけじゃないですよ。そんな恥ずかしい企画は断ります。 その写真を使う企画のことがうっすら載ってるので、来週には言ってもいいんじゃないかなってことです。

@haitomo0614: “What do you mean by ‘kind of felt’? I’ll find out, just like in ‘Where’s Wally’!”
@tite_kubo: “There’s no way any photos will be appearing in next week’s issue! I wouldn’t accept such an embarassing project. But since I kind of felt like using those photos, I ended up thinking that mentioning it next week would be okay…”

Some info about Orihime's hairpins being based on asterisks and a happy bday to Nanao:

@sakura_tenhouin: @tite_kubo 私は伊勢副隊長を祝っておりましたー。 おいくつになられたんでしょう?
@tite_kubo: あ、そっか。七緒の誕生日か。おめでとう七緒。

@sakura_tenhouin: “Sensei, I wanted to extend my congratulations to Ise-fukutaichou for her birthday. How many years is she now?“
@tite_kubo: “Ah, I see. Nanao’s birthday? Happy birthday, Nanao!”

tite_kubo 織姫のヘアピンは、元々そのアスタリスクマークから取ったデザインなんですよ。 RT @309OHAS: @tite_kubo 先生、記号の*と*が織姫たんの花のヘアピン風だな~と意識しだしたこの頃です(*´U`)

@309OHAS: "Sensei, the symbols * and * look pretty similar to Orihime-tan's flower-shaped hair pins, don't you think? I only became aware of that recently. ^^"

@tite_kubo: "I actually based the design of Orihime's hair pins on those asterisk marks from the start".

apparently Morita-kun was getting Tanabata tweets too. He responded to them like so (translations from Nacchan):

they're a bad/useless/no good couple didn't they

Hikoboshi became lazy isn't he?

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