_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

IshiHime Tanabata Fanart from Hidden_Gems

This isn't fanart from me--it's by the wonderful hidden_gems  for Tanabata. Check out her gallery if you haven't already. It's at DeviantArt here.
She's got great Bleach art.

Ah! Ooo! EEE! Thank you so much Charlie. Deviant Art isn't letting me favor or send a comment right now and it's extremely frustrating not to be able to leave a glowing review.

The first thing I thought of when I say your pic was Chris' Meet Across the Stars
by dragonboy_mt 
(if you haven't seen his art, your life is not complete! ~ _^) I think Chris' IshiHime art was part of why I started shipping IshiHime so badly.

People behold Tanabata '07 :
by hidden_gems 
Tags: ishihime, tanabata
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