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Vids: Morita-Kun at Anime Expo 2010 in LA

Thank you to Annie for finding these. In the first vid, the panel with Morita starts at 3:30 (omg, he's soooo hawt with his new long locks <3) and the panel continues in the ongoing vids. I like how Morita makes the distinction between voice acting in Japan and in America. "Don't underestimate Japanese seiyuu" he says. <3




Here in these videos which are more detailed you can see the parts where otaku drea, the IchiRuki BA FC member who won "Best Rukia" in the voice acting competition set up (there was a contest involving Ichigo and Rukia's first meeting and Morita-kun voted for Drea!), had her skirt fly up and Morita joked with the audience and tried to cover her! Also, Drea explains to Morita why she loves Bleach in one vid. She speaks of loving Ichigo and Rukia.



And another post from otaku drea about her experience. Her prizes were a poster from FTB and the Bleach Best Tunes DVD with a picture of Ichigo and Rukia on the cover, autographed by Morita-cutie. <3

ETA: Morita compliments IchiRuki cosplayers and tells asks girl with Mrs. Kurosaki shirt if she's HIS bride! XD
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