Adam Epp (adam_epp) wrote in bleachness,
Adam Epp

[Fanfic] Long Way to Goodbye X

And another chapter of this story has been written.

Title: Long Way to Goodbye X
Rating: T
Summary: Rukia and Ichigo disappeared and, although she tries, Karin has no idea what happened to them. Did Ichigo abandon everyone or did he and Rukia die?
Characters: Karin, Orihime, Ishida, Chad, Isshin
Series: Bleach
Genre: Several. Thriller, mystery, comedy, action and drama.

For links to the first nine chapters, either search for them on my own livejournal page, or go here.

And here is the tenth chapter. I had to split it in two parts due to livejournal restrictions:

Chapter X (Part One)
Chapter X (Part Two)

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