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Please Do NOT tweet Sensei about chapters before chapters sell in Japan

This past week many Western fans have been tweeting Kubo-sensei about the recent spread that accompanied Bleach chapter 409 or about the chapter itself OR including photo manips of the chapter spread in their Twitter icons when congratulating Sensei on this birthday (this past June 26). REMINDER: WE GET THE BLEACH CHAPTERS ON MANGASTREAM ILLEGALLY ONE FULL WEEK BEFORE THE CHAPTER OFFICIALLY GOES ON SALE IN JAPAN. PLEASE SHOW SOME CONSIDERATION FOR KUBO-SENSEI'S JAPANESE FANS WHO MAY SEARCH @tite_kubo ON TWITTER AND END UP BEING SPOILED BY READING THESE TWEETS.

Today Sensei made a comment about the tweets being in bad manners in response to someone telling him that the cover spread was seen earlier by overseas fans:

それはマナーが悪いね。その海外ファンがこのツイート読んでくれるといいんだが。 RT @HitterNumber8: @tite_kubo 先生。数日前に、今日発売のWJのBLEACHに出て来るキャラをID画像にし、それについて呟いている海外ファンの方を見ました。 about 9 hours ago via Echofon

translation by nacchan:

HitterNumber8 : sensei, a few days ago I've seen some foreign fans using avatar and talking about a new character that just appeared on WSJ that sold today
tite_kubo : that's such a poor manner. I hope those foreign fans read this tweet.

Sensei was also very quick to forgive an American fan who apologized for mentioning the manga chapter. He said in English "Ok, forgive you." LOL.

ETA: also, another tweet from Sensei following the one above:

違法ダウンロードで漫画を読むのは勿論まずいんだけど、それ以上にまずいのは同じファンを思いやる気持ちを 失くすことだ。他の海外ファンも下の子みたいな気持ちを持ってくれれば嬉しい。

reading and downloading manga illegally is of course a bad thing, but what's worse is when you're not considering another fans feeling by robbing their excitement, I would be happy if the overseas readers has the same feelings like those younger children.

eta2: translation of tweets by [info]mezzo_marinaio :
@HitterNumber8: "Sensei. In the last few days, some foreign fans had pictures of the characters that came out in the Bleach chapter that went on sale today as their ID, and I've also seen them murmuring about it."

@tite_kubo: "Those were bad manners, weren't they. I think it would be nice if those foreign fans read your tweet."

Second one:
@tite_kubo: "Reading the manga through illegal downloads is bad, of course, but even beyond that - the worst thing is the fact that they lose their considerate feelings towards their fellow fans. It would be nice if even other fans overseas carried feelings similar to those of younger children."

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