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Bleach 409

Bleach 409 "Deicide 11" is out on MangaStream~

Color spread is pretty. They're all matching! <333 Love nakama spreads. Too bad Ichigo is so small, and Orihime is pretty tiny, and Chad and Ishida are MERE BLIPS IN THE DISTANCE. Alas.

escarboucle pointed out the text on the color spread may be related to Ichigo's Souls poem ("the sun that locks the heavens").

My impression of the bonus color page is:
WSJ: "Kubo, Naruto's not on this week. So, you get to make another color page!"
Kubo: "... ... okay." *unexcited*
Kubo draws.
Kubo: "Here's new Aizen... colored."
WSJ: "... ... ... Kubo T_T"

It looks like Ichigo's ENTIRE INNER WORLD is underwater. It covers the tops of the buildings. The first time Ichigo went into his inner world, way back in the day (before he learned Zangetsu's name), he had to fall pretty far down before he hit any water. And now it's covering all the buildings? That's a FREAKISH AMOUNT OF RAIN, Ichigo-tannnnn D: It must've been pouring or at least raining constantly for a long period of time. From the beginning of Hueco Mundo, I wonder? Or was it the events leading up to, and including, the Lust Arc that resulted in a torrential downpour that flooded everything? In any case, it's obvious Ichigo's mental state is and has been messed up, as many of us have been saying for a while. We saw it in the Lust arc, we saw it when Ichigo was fighting Aizen and Gin in FKT, and we have further confirmation now that we're in Ichigo's inner world.

Weird shot of Ichigo in the water looks like Toushirou, wtf. Followed by cute faces of him underwater. <3

Bishie/shota/no longer "Old Man" Tensa Zangetsu. <3333333333 a.k.a. Ulquiorra/Byakuya/IchiRuki love child/whatever.

Isshin cryptically says that his own zanpakuto, Engetsu (炎月) ("Blazing Moon") ETA: See correction below, was similar to how Zangetsu is acting now - because the zanpakutou don't want to teach their users moves (possibly he means just the final moves?) for whatever reason - TO BE REVEALED LATER.

Tensa Zangetsu says he doesn't care about what Ichigo wants to protect, as what the two of them want to protect are completely different things. Cryptic as well. I look forward to learning more about this in future chapters. Really want to know what this is about.

Aizen apparently can just cause people to fall down dead by walking near them? I guess he's saying people with low reiatsu can't handle his power (since obviously, Gin, Ichigo, Isshin, Yoruichi, etc. are all alive after being near him), regardless of those people's ability to see him. (Though I wonder if that businessman had the ability to perceive spirits and his power level was just so low that he died, or if being in Soul Society gave him the ability to see Aizen.)

Oh noes, Tatsuki-tachi! D:

Correction on Isshin's Zanpakutou Name
Anonymous poster pointed out that Isshin's zanpakutou name, "Engetsu," is actually written as 剡月 in the raws. (It's still pronounced the same, but the kanji is different for "en.") The name means "Sharp-pointed Moon", which actually fits a lot better with Ichigo's "Zangetsu" ("Cutting Moon"). Thanks, anonymous! :D
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