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Bleach 408 is Out

MangaStream's scanlation of Bleach 408 is up!

Download version is over here.

ETA: MangaStream notes it is experiencing server congestion due to the releases of Bleach and Naruto being within 30 minutes of each other.

So... Ichigo's going to meditate for three months (dangai-time) while Isshin watches and uses up all of his reiatsu (which bodes well for when they leave - Isshin won't be able to help Ichigo out), so that Ichigo can catch up on thousands of years' worth of chatter-time with Zangetsu and learn the ultimate form of his attack? Okay, then!

At least Ichigo makes very cute faces this chapter.

And Zangetsu is apparently Not Happy. As has been noted by a few people, this will be the first time Ichigo has gone into his inner world for a while, and notably the first time after the fail!events of the dome. It'll be interesting who Ichigo sees in his inner world.

Tatsuki and Keigo~ Keigo acting as flighty comic relief, as usual, with Tatsuki being the responsible one, checking things out and saving her friends. To be honest, I got more Tatsuki->Ichigo vibes this chapter than Tatsuki/Keigo, but that may be because I've felt Tatsuki->Ichigo before. But I can see why some think Kubo may be hinting at Tatsuki/Keigo.

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