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NO UTOPIA IS GREAT, Fanfic Renji-Ishi

C'mon, I thought this pairing would spread like wildfire. In canon, right now, as I type, Renji and Ishida are at the mercy of Szayel Aporro, Espada Octova. Let's spread the hotness. RenIshi...I dunno, there's something wholesome about it for me.

no_utopia  , who is one of the best writers of the macabre around, stretches her muscles with an Ishi/Ren she wrote because I am a dog and begged her to. This story is such a good read. All PIA (she's not Topi to me) writes is well-done, always hot, and a more than a little scary. I love this fic because 1) Uryuu's seme 2) Uryuu's seme 3) Uryuu''s seme. ARGH, I want to write a review I love it so much but I don't want to spoil you. Please read

Tin Rolex  by  no_utopia

It is a work of silliness against a backdrop of genocide. It's Uryuu being seme.

Thank you, Pia. I like having you around to talk to. And m'gosh you spoil me--you even wrote an IshiHime for me once. Granted, it was a scary dark original IshiHime, but it was them and had one of the most killer last lines (this one does too). Shutting up now. READ RENISHI, WRITE RENISHI, DRAW AND BREATH AND FANTASIZE RENISHI.
Tags: no utopia, renishi, yaoi
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